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Updated: 2010/05/22 Trying out new Ning feature.  Instead of requiring approval (which was a manual process by me and was slowing down new signups) I've turned on the "new signups quiz" feature that Ning is now offering.  We'll see how that goes....please keep an eye out for spammers.

Hmm, seems like we've been inundated with these fake blog posts and bogus user id signups (i.e. spam) lately.  I've been trying to manually stay on top of it so that we can keep the signup process for Vermicomposters fully open (i.e. not requiring manual approval), but things are getting out of hand lately so I decided to try turning on manual admin approval for new signups for a while to see how that works.

Please let me know if this makes sense and what you think.  Hopefully it doesn't hurt the openness of the site.  I'm wonder if invites of friends also require approvals.

If you are new and are trying to sign up, first register normally then to speed things up feel free to email me at s t e v e n at to nudge me to approve your profile, if you can please include a link to your profile page in your email so that it is easier for me to find and approve you.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you Steven. I fully agree with steamyb.
Please take all the necessary steps to keep this nice site spam free.
Considering the situation, this seems to be an appropriate response.

Would it help if there was multiple admins to facilitate a quicker approval process? This might help make the registering process less troublesome for new users (and you).
And if you need to appoint more moderators (not sure if Ning works like other forums) I'm sure there'd be plenty of volunteers. I'd be willing for one!
This is by far one of the best sites on the web for vermicomposting. That said I agree that the spam was getting a little much. Thank you for being pro-active and trying to find a solution .
Thanks for all the support on this. I was getting a little bummed that the spam robots were finding us so often (and defacing our little community here with their prescription offers, etc) and that we were having to manually clean things up.

Thanks again.

Btw, looks like the approval process is helping, 26 fake accounts have been prevented from joining in just the past couple days since this change was enabled.. (.. they are still waiting in the "waiting for approval" state... and won't be.)
Thanks, Steven.
Thanks Steven. It is great to have the old 'site' back again.
Thanks for stopping them, Steven! You must be doing a great job because I've only gotten one or two spam messages and those were awhile ago.
Thanks Steven. It is a great site and we sure don't like those spammers. Thanks for the extra work involved in keeping these spammers off the site.
Thanks for keeping us happy campers ... ehem... wormers, Steven.
We true wormers really appreciate all the time you put in.
I run a forum with currently 4800 members and 250 - 350 posts per day. Manual approval is mandatory as is captcha (type the code in) to verify new members. It can mean a delay of a few hours, but that won't deter people with a serious interest.
Thanks Steve this is a classy site and I love it, everyone seems so nice , and the info that we all share and learn is great!




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