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thinning out adults for faster population growth

as an experiment i have (4) 2x4 FT's

i removed most of the adults from two of them and left the juvies and cocoons. from the other two bins i left the adults in. the result was amazing. where the adults were removed the juvies have just exploded and not only that but they are close to the size of the adults in the bins i did not thin out. while i have read that the same weight mass of worm EF's irrespective of individual size will produce the same amount of VC, if divided they will grow larger and produce more with the same amount of worms plus reproduction in a uncrowded bin. i created 3 bins of worms from what i thinned out of the two.

last night i pulled about 10 lbs of worms out of one of the two remaining bins and will do the same with the fourth bin tonight.

have to put the adults in totes until i get their new homes built.

what have been your experiences or have you tried this? 

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What about the paper mashee Larry? With the "old" flour you have?

I's amazing how you guys are talking/writing about your worms in the tens of thousands bracket and soon to be hundreds of thousands. I can only dream of those numbers and I'm into my 3rd year now. Mind you, I started with only 1.5 lb.

 Sue,me and the rats probably killed more than i have now.All said and done,i bought 25 pounds of worms.I may be wrong,but that 5 pounds i used in my "Wall of Flame"bred up to over twenty pounds for this last bin i had planned.Had shock fences around 12 tubs that worked off of a sensor that clicked on at night.One thing i didn't plan was my daughter getting ill in the hospital.Imagine worms jumping to their death on a wood floor.I filled a commercial screw box with dried dead worms when i got home.Demolished the set up,and threw it out in the yard.My two systems i got now will work off of a timer from my irrigation.All i got to do is cut it on.I made sure to get a sprinkler setup with a non erasable memory.Means if the power goes out and comes back on,it's all systems go.If my pump breaks it's gonna be a problem.Still has artesian well pressure.So that might not matter when the solenoids open.My worms can actually make it about a month without me.After that,i'd like to think these can hit the pile of stuff behind my worm tent.I thought worms in a shed was pretty neat,until i saw what a mountain of dead worms looks like!

even with my fascination of God's handiwork Sue; after a few worms it becomes work. i need to build at least 4 more wood FT's in the next few days to meet my objectives. :-) i am no where near the level of worms i had 35 years ago those were LR's.

Sue i don't know what your goals are: selling worms, VC, or AVCT but, you should have quite a herd yourself by now.  


Sam, what kind of FT are you thinking to build?

i go to several different forums, trucks, hot rods, aquaponics, gardening, guns etc and most of them use the same templates and are easy to work, this site is very confusing and difficult to follow the different posts. some times it takes you to the post other times not even close, some times i am notified and other times not.

the biggest concern is the amount of spammers that get into this site

looking forward to seeing your FT

I am trying to repopulate some of my worm bins by pulling out the worms from 1 FT and 4 Worm Factories. I just take a hand full or two from those containers every other week or so. I have 16 Worms Bins stacked on shelves in the den and have added for the 2nd time to 8 of the bins.  I will repeat the process to all 16 Worm Bins until I have the population up. I wish I could find a device to actually tell me the number of worms in each container.  I plan on selling up to 20 lbs of worms later this year. I am holding off until May or June to start selling. I love to sell adults, but I don't like to sell a bunch of juveniles.     

 Not sure when i can start the project? But some of you guys need to seriously think about building an old school worm sorter.Worms been around a long time in farms.I actually been worm composting since the sixties.We just didn't call it that.So i don't even claim to have done it.

 What i still need to locate,is a couple more sizes of predrilled stainless.Worms go easier through a square hole,than a round one.The object is to make some stackable boxes with smaller round holes up top.Then all you do is let your worms get hungry,and only feed the top of the box.If you can find some drilled out,say 1/64th or smaller,that is your baby worms.The bottom box is mostly adults.Mixed in between.That is the way some worm farmers do it to start new bins with babies.It's just not many talk about it without you always having to pay somebody for talking! When i get the time,i'll make one,because i'm better at making things than explaining why i made it.

 I got to mention,that Buss bedding that IKittle talked about,is supposedly hammer milled cardboard.I run mine through my garbage disposal and it makes the same thing.Studies years ago stated that cardboard dust encourages breeding.Something you may want to think about if you got a way to render it down.Don't know where they got the cardboard dust from? Or if it was a certain type?If i run across it again,i'll post a link.

i use a chipper, and it pulverizes the cardboard, but i have been concentrating on using horse manure for most of the food and bedding the last couple of months. the produce i have been mixing with the pile of mulched leaves. be interested to read what you found though. 

ok, how do you run all that stuff through the garbage disposal? you have to have it wet don't you? do you make a slush out of it? i brought home a garbage disposal last week and i've been stareing at it ever since! :-)

 If i didn't delete it,i'll show you one where i did Cactus and Prickly pear on a video.Thing about cardboard is  we aren't supposed to breath the dust.So,i may burn more power/time.But i don't get any dust.No matter what we feed worms,always remember.Any particle sized object is ready for a worm immediately.Particle size cardboard is worm food.Black sedge peatmoss is particle size,and contains no food value at all to worms.You feed particle sized worm chow,cardboard,lettuce,etc.You get more worms and castings.You feed peatmoss/coir to worms,you get castings.That's why the peatmoss bucket user said baby worms are actually a nuisance,and he uses peatmoss.Suddenly we don't need to pay high dollar for a book!LOL!

Fabulous information (from all). I'm going to do  this some time this week. I have so many preggo worms and their space is getting limited.  This should work very well right now.




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