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I've been coming to this site for several years now, and it struck me recently how darn literate everyone in this forum is.  There is rarely a misspelling or grammatical screw-up.  As you know, such literacy is not very common on the Net.  I wonder if worming causes good grammar or if good grammar causes worming?

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Or maybe wormers don't like the red line under their spelling errors?

The squiggly red line under spelling errors reminds us of an escaped worm, dead on the floor. We all are upset at the sight of it. 

except me. i didn't take english in school.

it's got to be the worms!

auto correct for the win? :)

ok! Nick now you let out our secret! for a few short hours we were above the rest. :-)

wees joost no were de speel checker is at LOL but you got something there

I'm in some kind of trouble now. I have a dutch spelling program.



stefaan, wormengoeroe




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