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I LOVE Costco. I cannot believe this type of item is actually available. Like everyone else I had to build my own.

Here are some tips for building a "real" aerated brewer:

If you have $400+ to spare, here's one already built:

Oh. You found the link to Tim Wilson's site.  I referenced this website in another thread and it did not work.  Glad the website is still up.

That thing reads more like a thesis but lots of good info!

Yep. This is a whole 'nother level of vermicompost tea brewing. Tim also deals with good (but "affordable") microscopes so you can analyze the microbes in the tea.

I tried aerating tea once and found out some of the dangers in not using the proper equipment. After that I stuck to making quick-n-dirty-instant-tea. It might not have all the benefits of the quality stuff, but it won't get me in trouble either.

Do share with us what kind of "trouble" did you get into?

I posted a photo of my set up.  I have a good air pump (not the aquarium type but one used for hydroponics).  I add about one ounce of molasses, a small teaspoon of kelp, three teaspoons of fish hydrosylate and about 2 cups of castings in a mesh bag.  I brew for about 48 hrs in colder temp and around 36 hrs in hotter temperature.  I always make sure the tea smells earthy.  So I am curious as to what kind of bad things may happen.

Didn't see this question until today. I didn't really get into any real trouble, but some folks here warned me of the possibility of brewing bad microbes. I think your air pump is much better than mine. If you start with good VC, it should be just fine.

I disagree with the presumption that good AACT can't be made with aquarium air pumps. I believe that a good aquarium air pump can in fact produce more than enough gas exchange (CO2 / O2) to support the microbial culture. Pumping more air does not mean more O2 in the water. In any case, much like the compost pile itself, microbial life will be relative to the food and oxygen available...microscopic analysis of activated aerated compost teas made in 5g buckets using aquarium air pumps do indeed reveal the astonishing microbial life in numbers we're after in a brewed tea. I'm remembering a story of a compost tea contest where Bruce Deuley's 5g bucket came in 2nd to a brewer costing thousands of dollars.

Save your money...A 5g bucket, paint strainer bag, an air pump, tubing and air stones are all you need:

That's the best set of instructions I have seen on the topic so far. I'll be harvesting my first batch of VC soon and am hoping to make ACT for my veggie garden this growing season. Thanks!

Does worm tea really work or is it just wishful thinking..  I mean couldn't you take cow manure mix that with water a claim you have a 'all natural organic fertilizer'?   Has anyone used worm tea and seem a noticeable effect on their lawn/garden?




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