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Hi I ordered 2lbs of worms from  I got the worms from Uncle Jim's.

I only got 1lbs of worms I have emailed them 3 times for a week now and NO reply from them.

has anyone dealt  with them? Are they drop shipping worm from uncle Jim's?

What is a good place to get worms from at a good price?

Thank You Alan

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Hi Alan,  Plenty has been written about Uncle Jim's and not much of it good.  There is another thread on this site dealing specifically about the problems people have had.  As a result there have been many good experiences reported.  Check out the thread titled "Uncle Jim's".  There is also lots of good advice from experienced "worm folk" with important questions to ask before buying.  I believe Andrew also has a thread that gives people an opportunity to share their good experiences with their favorite suppliers.  All in all, lots of good information!

Kazarie Worm Farm

2lb internet special  $44.95 [includes shipping]

That's who I used the last 4 times I ordered worms and this was over about 15 years or so.  I highly recommend them.

I should clarify, that I have ordered worms from Kazarie 15 yrs ago and that my last order was about 8 months ago.

So, it's been consistent quality over the years.

If you used a credit card,  I would dispute the bill with your credit card company. It is a very simple process. You didn't get what you ordered and he is not replying to your correspondence. Your credit card company is on your side and not Uncle Jim's. 

has any one heard of wormsect  it sounds good 18.99 lb  sounds good too


If you mean i received 5# of healthy EH's from him a week or so ago. Matthew does a good shipping job and runs an honest business. He actually shipped a day earlier so that i would receive them by friday and they arrived thurs. reasonable,healthy, and service oriented. I guess thats about as good as it gets

thank you that's all I ask for a honest business  and get what you pay for

I have ordered through worms etc.Matthew has excellent customer service and good prices.Also the information on his site is excellent.I would definitely recommend him.


Uncle Jim's has several names now. He keeps adding names, I would guess because of the bad feedback he gets. Pretty much if the worm farm ships from Spring Grove PA, It's uncle Jim's. 

His customer service seems to be hit or miss, and there  has been some discussion on Dave's Garden whether or not he shills to get some good feedback. 

If he won't answer, then by all means open a dispute with your CC. I am sure Uncle Jim's is used to those. 

Oh, and as far as getting some worms, There is a place in Denver that sells them, or you can post here, it looks like some people are doing that:

Hi Everyone,

I am new to vermicomposting, just starting in May. I originally ordered 1 pound of worms from MonroeWorks out of Florida.  When they came, I didn't think it looked like many, but I was new and didn't really know any better. I decided I didn't have enough for my bin and ordered a second pound from Matthew at  I picked him because he was the closest to me that I could find.  I am in Atlanta and he is in Greer, SC, just a couple of hours away. When the worms came, I was very surprised.  It was at least double the amount I had received the first time from Monroe Works.  I went to Matthew's site and there is actually a video on there of him preparing the worms for shipment. If I order again, it will be from Matthew.

Love the site.  The information on here is incredible!!

Yes, Matthew At "www.wormsetc", does an honest business. I have ordered from him and was very pleased




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