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HI all,

I am about to start serious redwormcomposting and wanted to do it outside this spring and summer. Has anyone ever had any problems from racoons pillaging the worms or their feed?

Up until now, the wild racoons have lived harmoniously with us, but I don't want to lose my investment in the worms because the racoons get curious or hungry....

Any thoughts?

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We have raccoons in our neighborhood.  They have not bothered my 2 worm factories which are up under the eaves next to the house.   They did dig up my garden when I buried some fish carcass.  I do sometimes put lobster shells in my worm factories but try to have them pretty cleaned out of meat. Other than that no other meat in the bins.

Thank you. That is a relief. I will not put any fish carcass in the worm bin. I was planning to keep the worms as vegetarians. Any thoughts?

I think you will be fine but a lot of sites say to be cautious.  I googled and only found one story of a guy with problems with raccoons and worm bin outdoors, his was away from the house under an apple tree. He also had mountain lions, possums and skunks to deal with.  I now have lots of red worms in my raised beds, have been putting them there for about 1.5 years, no problems (except for when I buried the fish).

Fish carcass are great for flower beds! Bury them 6" deep between your flowers...They are also great for growing potatoes

LOL.  OK. I don't think we have rats, but would they be able to get into the plastic worm bin? We do have a local possum, but I am not sure s/he comes so close to the house. When you talk of hardware cloth, are you speaking of tape for the drawers?

Come to think of it, there are plenty of worms already in the garden and old compost pile, and I am not aware of rats digging for them. I really want the red worms for an official vericomposting business.




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