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My dear Father in Law made me this bin and then my husband used blue plastic tarp to line it with to waterproof the bin. There is a bit more info if you look @ the same pictures in my album. The dimensions are 25 1/2 inches wide, 15 inches depth, and 37 inches height without the wheels. 21 1/2 inches deep is the space for the worms/bedding/foodstock.
Very nice! Your father-in-law does nice work.
I have one like that, but not that nice!
I ran a piece of PVC with holes in it through the middle for extra air that extended to the outside of the bin.
Mark from Kansas why don't you post some pictures of your bin. I would love to see it. I will see how the air flow is with the bin and if I feel it needs more I like your idea of the pipe in the middle.
My understanding is that this is not necessary in the flow through bins. The contents will always heat a little, and hot air will rise, pulling fresh air in the bottom. I'm no expert though.
What a great idea! That inspires me to use some old stuff I have lying around. Please show more pictures in the coming weeks.
WOW! You must be a very special DIL.
That is a real beauty. Please let us know how it works out for you.
Aniston, have you harvested out of this yet?  How did it go?  What changes might you have liked?  Thanks.
Very nice well done

ooo errrr

I want one

This is a great bin as it handles alot of waste and it doesn't need much care.  It does have it's down sides though.

It will get too dry as too much air is allowed through so I have to literally water the bin.  Also the grate has the bars too close together so once the stuff in there packs down it just mostly stays up.  Since it dries so quickly and the worms do fall through you will have many fall to their death. 


Build your own but have the drawer be way closer to the grate, and close up the system more so that it stays moist and also not allow the worms to dry out if they fall through..  Have the bars be further apart so the vermicompost does fall through and thus no worry of digging it out.


Hope this helps you all.  Post your pictures of the improved version.




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