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 here a pic of worms in 55 gal drum

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 What kind of worms do you think this is don't know how good the pic's are but the drum outdoors only has 4ea 1/4" holes in the bottom for drainage and is full color of red worm but shorter, fatter and has a big clitellate that stands out from the body of the worm? Still don't know if I am going to bring them in for winter but if not not I am thinking about how to stop it from freezeing this winter I am in OH if that helps may be a mix



i'm new to vermiculture.. but they do appear to be redworms no? dont know the differences between  ef or eh worms etc

i think i replied to your other thread on this the other day. the worms that wiggled up into my compost tumbler (it sits on a base so not hard to access i guess) thrived in there, i took one out and compared to the redwormsi purchased, could not tell any difference at all, so mixed them together in the basement bin,and left a few handfulls in the outside bin,,yesterday i stuffed it with  dry leaves.

  once it's cold enough to freeze,there probably isnt any way to prevent that really,unless theres enough mass and composting action inside that the center stays warm enough for them. guess i'll see. i have a truckload of horse manure coming in december so may just put them all in that in a big ground pile.

  I am not sure there might even be a mix but they are fatter then the E.F.'s I have seen and my bins have E.H.'s so I don't want to mix them the drum out side is about half full of stuff I have put in leaves,food scarp,weeds,newspaper,ect was to the top so alot of it has broken down I want to put this in my garden in spring so I don't want it to freeze and die out over winter




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