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Ihave a worm factory how many worms can you put in 1 bin ? now how many bins can you work at one time. Just interesting to know

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I would say about a lbs per tray max, after that they will try to escape which is not a pretty picture.

thant does not sound pretty!     I'm going to try 3 trays and keep the 4th one to rotate or maybe buy the 5th  and rotate the 4 of them.

Thank You very much, Alan

Hey... what do you mean a waste of time?  Why did you give me your old "waste of time" stacking bin then?

I'm just joking and poking fun at you Betsy.  LOL  Like I told you, everyone discovers what bin(s) work best for them, and you've found yours.  The stacking bin you gave me is a challenge for me sine I've never had one, AND, I've read about many people being successful with them.  So, I want to try it out and make it a fun success.  Who knows, it may not work out for me and I may ditch it... I mean, pass it on to someone else.  :)  I hope to make a go of it and will definitely share my experience on the forum.

I gotta try me a Worm Inn some day too.  So many people have great experience with them.


Wow... that bunny could single handedly feed your FT!

WOW!  Betsy, what breed of rabbit is that?  How long is it stretched out that way (in the photo). and besides "anything he wants"  what have you been feeding him/her?

Garbage Guru brings up a good point.  If you have worms actively feeding in 3 trays and there's a heat event because of what you're feeding them, all 3 trays could overheat and you risk loosing more worms than if it happened in just one tray.  I guess you could stagger the feeding of the trays, but I too thought that the concept was to have one active feeding tray with 1 or more trays below it in various stages of "finishing".

Best of luck.  No one wants to hear someone else lost worms.  Take care.

Yeah, I got rid of my tray system too. Mainly because the worms were constantly in the water tray along with muck that blocked the tap. I love my home made styrofoam worm farm.

I am in the process of getting rid of my tray system and transitioning to a FT. The tray system worked, but the dang worms wouldn't migrate even when I stopped feeding the tray. 

Probably there was still food or they were getting it from the bottom of the tray above them.

Is that a real rabbit ??????

I thought it was a stuffed animal.

Well I gotta throw my 2 cents in.

I have 2 wf and 20 rm bins.

The wf can take a ton of food without do any damage that I can see.

I started both with 2.5 of worms one is feed veggies and leaves and the other only horse manure and leaves. very soon I am going to compare the 2 with weight of worms and vc. When i checked on them yesturday it looks like the manure feed one is doing better. but will know for sure when i can harvest both.

true the worms are in every tray.I think it is because the water flows down taking all the good soup lower downand the worms dont know they are suppose to stay in the top. in the veggie feed I put a layer of paper in the 3rd tray to make a barrier and keep them up. Paula put up a good video on how she harvested hers.

Rm are sucky to harvest.

ft is suppose to be the way to go,vc without coccons or worms, I am going to try this very soon.

WF has put a ton of money in R and D and have a very nice looking product for a good price.There customer service is awesome.

will keep yall posted on the mega harvest.

Brenda b... thanks for the 2 cents.  I think your advice will help me when I go to start my Gusanito bin. So, like many things in life, actual usage and results may differ from user to user.  I guess I'll just start the bin like I would a plastic bin, except maybe put a couple sheets of newspaper down on the bottom of the first tray that I put worms, bedding and food into just to try to keep them from going into the leachate reservoir below.  So if I keep adding the food and bedding layers and the first tray fills up, then I start adding layers in the next try up and make sure its bottom comes in contact with the top of the tray below it... so worms can travel upward.  -OR-  Do some people start several trays at once?

I think I get that like other worm bins I'll have to monitor the environment daily for a while so I can respond to things like heating, mass escapees, excess liquid, mite explosions, etc.

Thanks a bunch.

BTW  How in the world have you dealt with the challenging nature of 20 RM bins?  Good Lord, that would drive me mad.  Oh, and another thing... FT' aren't without their issues.  Reaching under the grate with a small fork or a long handled one to scratch off VC can be a hassle if you have back trouble, or have to get on your knees (like mine).  

Sam - I may try that stick method.  Thanks.  I may also put it up on 6-8 inch cinder blocks.  I did that last summer while it was outside and I liked the height.

I use two floor jacks with wheels to lift and move the bins.




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