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OK, we are operating on a shoestring budget.  Cancel that... we can't afford shoestrings.  We live in a small apartment.


Our current plan is to use brown paper bags and used coffee grounds for our starting mix.  To keep it from molding before use, the coffee grounds were baked back to more or less dry.  We have the square plastic coffee cans, and we plan to use them.


The current questions are:  

How moist should we rehydrate to?


Whats the best way to go from more or less sterile to "able to feed worms"?  At this point, I am thinking on rehydrating using water from the guppy tank....


Anything wrong with getting our starter worms from the bait shop?  I know... little red wrigglers, not the refridgerated monsters....  Is there a cheaper way (we live in an apartment... they would get mad if I dug up the grounds looking for worms....) and my grandfathers compost heap is 2700 miles away... a bit too far to walk...


We are open to suggestions and ideas...

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This was under the lid of one of my bins, the only place I've ever found them.   I'm not really bothered, because I'm pretty sure they stay on top of the bedding.

In other words they're not lurking below the surface, destroying the worms. I'd say they behave more like a slug. Kinda hard to keep them captive, they'll escape from anything that isn't watertight.

Hehe.  I see the resemblance, Larry.  But slugs (mollusks) are waaay more advanced than planarians (flatworms).  For example, planarians have one hole that has to serve for both mouth and anus (yecch).  A very simple, primitive, ancient design, I think.  Probably that's one reason they're so good at regenerating from catastrophic injury... all their tissues are probably pretty similar, and can change roles as needed.

Peter is there anything that you DON'T keep? haha.  I found a great video that tells you a lot about these guys.

That's a really interesting video on planaria Brian.


Yeah, that was really cool!

so elephant poop is the best, tried the manatees yet GG?




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