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Hello! I am preparing for my worms. Do I need to wash or rinse the egg shells, or are they OK right from cracking? I've Googled, but I can't find a definite answer.

Also, I'm getting a Worm Factory 360, and we produce pounds of waste each day since we eat healthy. I read the unit could hold up to 8,000 worms. Is it a bad idea to get 3,000-6,000 right away?

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I'm happy I read this thread, I didn't know eggshell dust was harmfull. (considering I'm an asthmatic, it can't be really good for me either)

Thanks for the information. I'll start grinding them outside from now on.





I usually wash them immediately after using the contents. They leave a bit in the shells and it's like a strong glue.

I too was using a coffee grinder but got worried about the dust so I tried smashing them in a bag. The particles don't get as fine, natch, so subsequently there are bigger pieces floating around with the worms. I think I am going back to the coffee grinder method and being very careful re the dust.

Wow, a lot of hassle to prepare egg shells! 


My philosophy on vermicomposting is to have it be a low-effort, low-energy, clean way to keep our food scraps out of the landfill. The fertilizer is an excellent side benefit, and, of course, I like fooling around with the worms.

About the most I'll do is cut melon rinds into smaller chunks.  The eggshells I just lightly crunch up with my hand as I'm cooking, and into the bin they go.  They disappear eventually.

I'm with you, Pete.  I'd like to add "low-cost" too!  :-)

 I am with progressivepete I just add them back when I screen my vc I use 1/4" to screen and add back what ever is left to the bin

Wow, I must be a lazy vermicomposter. I just throw the full egg shells in. Anything that doesn't go through the sieve goes back in the bin, so they eventually get broken down. The worms like to hang out in them and reproduce. Just like in corn cobs. So I don't want to get in the way of their special time together :-).

Thank you all! My worms are happy!

Egg shells should definitely be rinsed before being added to the worm bin unless the shells come from hard boiled eggs. I put mine in the food processor after rinsing and drying them and mix with Azomite and other ingredients to use as grit for their gizzards. The smaller it is the faster it will be eaten. If you want a better castings quality use a 1/8" screen. This will let fewer worms and unfinished material into the castings.

Hamilton Organics

Why do the eggshells need to be rinsed? 

I dunno, I've never rinsed them.

About the worm factory 360... I have an 8-tray 360 currently running along with other homemade systems. I would not start a 4-tray 360 with more than 2,000 worms. They need to have room to grow and double their quantity about every 90 days. I was told each tray holds about 3,000 worms.

About the 8 tray 360, I would love to add that many trays to mine. But doesn't the weight get to be tremendous on the bottom trays? How long do you wait to empty your bottom tray?





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