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New bin is complete!  Worms are in their new home.  Enjoy.

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Still need to brace the lid so it won't warp and get a collection tub. But, worms have moved in.
very impressive!
Whoa! You work fast, Brett. Very nice! Will it stay indoors or out? Your vent holes look like a perfect fit for a computer cooling fan. I wonder if it would make a difference...maybe they're not powerful enough? What are the dimensions above the grating? I need to update the FT list.
Dimensions are 3'X2' @ 2' deep. Collection compartment is 9" deep. Air holes are 2". This will stay in the garage for the rest of the season. As for computer cooling fans. I have a couple 4" computer cooling fans. Do they need more air than what they get? All comments and ideas will be greatly appreciated!
Beautiful job. How much rent are you charging the new occupants?
What is the black cord on the left ?
I used a roll of weed eater cord I had laying around. Ran out so had to get out my "good" stuff. lol. As for charging? All I asked from them is a little crap from time to time. lol
As you can see in the pic I installed a prop for the top door. right now the lower will stay open on it's own. In time I will install something to hold door open. I have an insulated garage and Styrofoam will wrap when the time comes. My old FT I did feed all over. Also kept down anaerobic heat. Not sure how I can time the paper breaking threw though. This go around I added 4 layers of painter paper. Ah, well, it's thick. that's all I know. Oh, yes acid free of coarse! lol.
What did this setup cost you? How many hours did you spend?
2 sheets of 3/8 plywood. $36.00
4 8' 2X4 $8.00
hinges and handles $10.00
Paint-already had.

Hours total 3
What a great job. Your new renters are going to totally trash the place though. Too bad you won't be able to evict them!
Or won't want to evict them:-)




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