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Hi, I started my garden seeds indoor yesterday. half of my seeds i used 20% VC and potting soil, and the other half I used straight potting soil.I want to see how that works out. when I transplant to the garden I will VC on them to. and straight fedilzer on then for the other plants.

I will find out how well the vc works

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Hello Alan


I am a science teacher at Streamwood High School in Streamwood, Illinois.  This semester my physical science students tested and compared soil mediums of a 50-50 mixture of potting soil and vermicompost to 100% potting soil.  We achieved a 20 to 30 percent increase in the growth rate of plants in the soil medium with the 50-50 mixture compared to the potting soil.  The third test we did was to grow plants in a 100% vermicompost medium.  Again, these plants did not grow as well as the plants grown  in the soil mixture.

Cant remember where is read it it was at lest a couple years ago, before my old computer died.  But the report i read said the best results were with a low 10 to 30% vermi content in the potting mix.  

Thanks for the feedback.  I will have mystudents do more experimentation on the composition of soil and its effect upon the growth of plants.  We already tested a 50-50 mixture( garden soil-vermicompost) and compared it to garden soil only.


If we could micromanage the soil and create a more finely tuned compostion and get better results, then that is what we will do!

I did a similar test throughout the growing season last year and had amazing results- best of luck! 

The side with the vermicompost not only grew larger, fuller, and greener, but also had a much higher yield. Last pic is at

well 3 days after planting seed I had 6 plants up  both with VC and out. 2 more days I had 8 more plants up with VC and without. today I had 1 pepper plant up with VC. that makes it very interesting.

Alan-  Hows the update on this project?




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