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Hello,  I started saving food scraps in a bucket about 3 weeks - 1 month ago as I begun the process of building my worm bin.  I should have my worms in a few weeks, but I'm wondering if I can give them all the food scraps that have been sitting in the bucket, decomposing and molding, or if I need to start over with fresh food scraps?  It seems like... they're going to decompose and mold anyway, so it should be fine?  New to this... 

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I'm happy with the bin I built , and excited to see how it goes:) it's my first one and I figure I'll learn as I go . Got some great advice and wriggly little worms from a local lady today who recommended burying the moldy scraps I have underground in my garden somewhere and starting fresh with the worms, so I think that's what I'll do. She also recommended freezing the food scraps from each day overnight in smaller batches & then thawing them the next day before feeding them to the worms so they have a chance to get all mushy and moist. I'm going to give it a shot, wish me luck & thanks for the pointers :)
You are welcome....:-)

Hi ~ Add some of the scraps but NOT the liquid at the bottom as its acidic. Get your bed ready at least a week BEFORE you add your worms, it would be great if you could get some vermicast from someone else to get your bed prepared with some of the right microbes. I find it better to compost the veg outdoors for two weeks then add it in....... DONT overfeed during your first month....Good luck IC


Redwormcomposting has a good video this week about how to prepare a batch of food: simply put, add lots of bedding, some 'living material' (soil, manure, some vermicompost), mix it up and let it sit for a few days.

Okay thanks for the tip, I've heard that's a good site.

yes you can feed them the moldy food. i have asked this question on a different vermicomposting site and have gotten rude answers with no factual evidence behind their answers.

I myself have taken food scraps of all sort shoved it in a 5gal bucket and kept the lid on tightly. it would heat up and get all moist and moldy. kept the food in their for weeks until i used it all up and kept adding in more. over time. worms ate it up the only issue i had was smell. i had No issues regarding the worms in general 

Worms live off the mold and bacteria more then food scraps themselves?  




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