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Does anyone have a mature bin with both species in it?  I have tried it a couple times over the years, but it always seems that the EF out-compete the EH and in a few months there are very few  EF left.

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Oops, i meant very few EH left.  

I have both species in my VB24 flow-thru bin. The EH tend to hang down in the lower regions where it is more moist and they are fat & sassy

How long has that bin been in operation?  In other words, is the population of EH stable?

And since you mentioned it, how do you harvest the VB24 flow-thru bin?  Is there a grate on the bottom and some sort of 'scraper' mechanism?  I've seen photos of it, but they are all photos of the outside.  Or maybe you can direct me to a site that shows photos of the inside of an empty bin.  


The VBs use parallel grating. I used metal electr. conduit.

I noticed the EH in my box yesterday, in fact. I didn't realize there was more than one in there until I found this forum and started reading.  My prior integrations with night crawlers and earth worms contained results similar to yours.  The red wigglers outdo everything.




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