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Mirian from Dakar, Senegal, has sent personal notes to over 40 people, she's sending them at a rate of about 7 people per minute.  I suggest you don't respond.  If you doubt me, look at her 'page'.  By her answers to the standard questions like 'what type of worms do you have' she's clearly not a vermicomposter.  Just ignore her.  Don't flame her or even respond to this posting.  Ignoring her will be worse for her than a response.  I asked Steven Chow to block her, but It's 10pm here in Hawaii so it's 1 am in his time zone so he won't do it for quite a while.

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Thanks Susan,  i just saw her comments on my profile and found i was unable to delete them
did you click on the little 'x' that appears on the right side of a post?
Silly me!  I found the "x"
Thanks for the heads up.  I did receive a personal note from her and will ignore.




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