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Anyone besides myself, (don't get worked up now, i've only done it a couple of times, well ok, yesterday while checking out the worm bins, i accidently knocked oved a travel mug with about 16oz of coffee with cream and sugar into one of the bins, but that don't count!) ever pour that last cold cup of coffee into their worm bin?

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Never poured it directly.  I have indirectly with my slush pot of old coffee grounds waste coffee.   I don't drain the grounds when I make my feeding mix so I use paper/cardboard to soak up the excess, sometimes quite a bit.  So I sometimes end up with coffee soaked cardboard being added.  imo the difference being the worms can always keep away from the coffee cardboard if they don't like it (and come back when they do) while pouring it directly might mean you're hitting worms directly when they might not like it.  I have no idea of the effects of coffee on worms with direct contact btw.

i didn't see any negative affects. what i found interesting was the spilled coffee with the cream and sugar i checked that area of the bin and there were as many worms there as in other areas. i usually make a large pot in the morning for my wife and i and then put the rest in a travel mug for work. but, a lot of time there is still some left and if i get caught pouring it down the sink the wife gets upset she'll nuke whats left, so if i dump it on the worms it is being put to good use. actually i don't like to waste it either and if folks have found it beneficial i will continue to pour it over the bin. i have poured it on the veggie scraps in a bowl from the kitchen so they wouldn't wilt and then after a couple of days pour it on the worms. the veggie scraps just have a coffee smell in the kitchen so it isn't offensive and when i dump it in the bin the worms devour the coffee soaked veggies.


larry, i have a koi pond and the basket prefilters fill with hair algae, the worms love it. in the greenhouse the aquaponics grow beds fill with hair algae and i feed the worms this also.

wat a great idea! i would have never thought of it. i have an aquaponics system too and i will definitely try that out next time i clean a gb.

Interesting, always wondered if they could take coffee right away without aging. I remember at work a while back when people had read that coffee also helps the office plants, a good awful sour milk smell.  Yep, they were tossing in coffee and milk mixes into the potted plants and as that wasn't composting, boy did the milk smell add up lol.

Sure a little milk and sugar wouldn't hurt.  I do pizza boxes that have some grease on it.  They do love that cheaper absorbent non shipping box cardboard.


I was told that coffee grounds are bad for the worms  ????????




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