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Hi Vermicomposters!

I am looking for a blue prints on indoor continuous flow raised bed vermicomposting systems. Unfortunately without any luck... Perhaps you could help me in solving this problem.


I need something like this:




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I sent you a friend request so I could send you a PM about your question.


I build flow through reactors. I have a new line coming out soon. Worms Etc

Hi Matthew,


no info from you yet.


Looking forward in hearing from you!



I am planning to build large FT's this spring.....about 5x20 ft. Will take photos when complete. - Jim
Any news?

I'm pushing the FT's back until the Fall due to time restraints. It will be an all bin set-up until then. - Jim


I missed this discussion when it first came out. I didn't watch the video, but I think I've seen it before. It is a very large flow through reactor system like Larry had assumed. Do a search on dirtmaker and you should see enough to get an idea of how one works. Of course something over 50 ft. long is likely to use a different mechanism to move the harvesting bar. A winch and cable will probably have problems, but that's just a guess.

Romas, would you care to share what your goals are? This is primarily a community of vermicomposting hobbyists. We enjoy reading about larger aspirations.

BTW, you can also go directly to Mathew's site and try to contact him there. The reactors he builds are essentially large versions of the dirtmaker. It uses a mechanical winch. The vermigrand operation is significantly larger in scale. IIRC, they used a tractor-like vehicle to spread pre-composted feedstock evenly over the top of the reactors.

Well, i am also waiting for the answer from romas question...

Welcome to the forum, Joel. Romas asked his questions in 2011. I don't think he's been back since then. The simple answer that has already been given is that "blueprints" for a complex system will not be available for free. If you're looking for a simpler DIY system, you can browse through this list:

List of DIY Flow-Through bins


One company that I know that builds flow through reactors. Sustainable Agricultural Technologies




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