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I check this forum about once a week and have not found anything for well over a month.  Has everyone left this forum or is anyone else lurking like I do?


Here is a Youtube channel I'm creating dedicated to composting with Worms just to see if we can get the conversation going again.  FYI all my videos are filmed using a 4k camera for some nice clear video.


Let me know what you think of the videos and other topics I should cover!

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Or add in a little peat moss.  How do you know you need to lower your pH?

i dissolved a hand full of vermicompost in water, Water was 8.5 before mixing. Shake it very well and tested the resulting water. it came to be 4.8

Good you have a tester. But it looks like your vermicompost pH is already too low. Should be between 6.5 and 8 typically.  Do you have the two powders you dissolve in water to calibrate your tester?

Yes the tester is calibrated> I agree with you, what i need is to increase the pH. My original post was wrong. I pretend to do this by adding Calcium Carbonate. Also I will stop feeding them cardboard and paper. and vegies that are not pre composted. Any ideas?

I'm glad the spammers are gone.

get the word out Joseph we need theis forum to keep going

Yes this is where I learned everything I needed to know about using composting worms. The spammers drove me out to Facebook and GardenWeb.

Even if it were dead, there is so much good content on it that trolling through teaches me a lot. 




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