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I check this forum about once a week and have not found anything for well over a month.  Has everyone left this forum or is anyone else lurking like I do?


Here is a Youtube channel I'm creating dedicated to composting with Worms just to see if we can get the conversation going again.  FYI all my videos are filmed using a 4k camera for some nice clear video.


Let me know what you think of the videos and other topics I should cover!

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Yeah it feels like this forum has died..... Too bad too it was probably the best Vermicomposting forum out there.

Forum is not dead but earlier in the year several spammers really drove people away. I pop on every couple of weeks or so depending on how busy work is.

BTW - your videos were spectacular. I still tend to my FT and a couple years ago I built a similar trommel but used 5 gal buckets. I am limited on space and what I take out of the bottom of the bin is usually too wet for trommel so I end up letting it set out on a wire mesh to dry and always end up sorting and picking worms by hand.

Not dead. I check in every once in a while, usually when I need help. Mostly my bin has been thriving.
I started following your Facebook videos and i like them a lot. Crystal clear and beautiful color.
They are so realistic that I swear that I could smell that one dead bin.

Thanks George and Gardener Larry!

I had just bought a 4K camera for recording my kids and realized a lot of the videos online about vermicomposting on small scale are pretty bad quality videos where you can't see much.  So I thought I would start up the videos also as a journal for myself.

I'm also sort of a visual person so I figure this would help anyone else who wants to start up raising worms!  Trying to post new videos every week but we will see if I can keep enough content to keep going.

It certainly has slowed down!  The spammers didn't help that a bit.  I still check the forum regularly and I am happy to say that my worms are doing very well.  It seems to me that there is a period of time when new wormers need plenty of help, as I did, but once their bins are stable there is not as much to talk about.  Maybe we are all doing pretty well at this point?  It may take time but I think we will see the forum become active again.

I am still here I check in every couple of weeks. My small bin is doing awesome.

I'm hoping that the winter in North America will bring some of us back to this site. I've kept my flow through going strong all year, and this fall started serious precomposting.  I read the James Bates string in the Forum on this subject, and I'm thinking that might be one topic to bring back to life in coming months.

Cheers all!

I believe it is not busy a lot because, at least where i am at, it is almost freezing

at night, southern Ca. - As it begins to warm up, again, people will trickle back

in and the people that are true wormheads will come in at, anytime.  

Once you know what you are doing with worms, you don't necessarily

feel the need to come in here - this is like a reference library, when you

need it, you use it.

No, this forum is not dead, it is alive and well - but only if YOU use it!

The Facebook groups are very active right now.  I'm not sure how much overlap there is between those folks and the members here, but it seems like the downturn in activity here has coincided with the uptick in activity there.

I hope not, I need some help from experts in lowering the PH of my worm bin

Jose: have you tried adding powdered egg shells?

I have about 40 cubic feet of vermicopost in a continuous flow bin, that will take a lot of egg shells, Yesterday I order Calcium Carbonate. As for today I cut the feeding, I was giving them lots of cardboard and paper, as well as vegetables that where not pre composted. Thank you for your ideas.

sorry, i said lowering, when in reality in need to make it more alcaline, Right now the PH is 4.8




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