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Hello again, I am trying to identify some worms I found close to Gamella in Ethiopia. It is a part of an ongoing project and I am trying to find native composting worms here:

Worm 1 was found about 1 cm below the surface in organic rich black soil, which was damp and had a cover of leaf litter. It is a brown worm with a purple to green iridescence on its top side. Its underneath lacks iridescence and  is considerable lighter. It has a flat saddle, pointed front end and rounded back end. The length is about 15cm. I moves in a snake like manor and does not tie itself in knots - it is easy to handle.

Worm 2 was found at the side of a pond in clay like clumps of mud. It is red and had no iridescence. Again it has a pointed head and rounded back end. No saddles are present so these are possible juveniles. They freak out when handled and knot.

I will upload some photos when I get better band width as I am in Gambella at the moment.  The big brown worm is quite a beauty!

Any help most appreciated!

Claire a wondering wormer!

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Worm 1

Here are the photos with the colours





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