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Here are some more photos


I am not a worm expert but they kind of look like a European Nightcrawlers big red their cousins of the red wiggler I hope this helps

How long are these, Claire? Blunt head and tail, some with a yellowish tail would point towards the Eisenia genus. E. fetida (red wiggler) would be 4-5" long stretched out, while E. hortensis (Euros) can be 7-8". The chopstick in the video is 8" long.

Hello everyone I am back in Myanmar - I thought I would update you on my worm hunting. I have found or rather my colleagues have found two places which sell composting worms close to Yangon.

The Vegetable and Fruit Research Development Centre - sells a mixture of Red Worms, African Nightcrawlers and  Indian Blue for 15 Kyat per worm - they are very small.

The Mens Association Training Centre - sells Indian Blues for 20 Kyat per worm - they are fair sized.

Both centres sell vermicompost and vermitea.






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