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Well, sometimes I don't have anything to update specifically about my vermicomposting efforts.. nor do I see any specific thread I want to contribute to at the moment, but I still want to say a "hello" to folks... and let people know I stopped by... I figured other folks might be in the same shoes... so I started this "hello" thread... so people can just stop in and say hello. Please feel free to say hello whenever you stop by the site.. each day you come by.. or as often as you want :).

I don't know why but I like checking my email in the morning and seeing email notifications that folks have been hello-ing in here. If you want to be be email notified when other people post their hellos/shoutouts too... by clicking on "follow" at the bottom of this page:

As if there wasn't enough opportunities to be vermi addicted :P... hehe...

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That is a great idea Steven, sometimes I  also look but don't know what to say even though I want to contribute something. This will bring people together that seem to have fallen off the map, thanks.

Can't any of the administrators stop the spammers??
Hi all, from Beverly Hills Florida.
I'm 73 and just getting into worm farming. It was the last thing on my bucket list.
I have my worm factory bins all set up just waiting for the worms to get here, maybe tomorrow.
Hope to be posting lots of pics of my worms soon.
This looks like a great thread to be a part of.

Welcome Gordon, it is a great hobby and never to late to see another aspect of life, look forward to seeing your pics.

Thanks for the hello. My worms should be here today so I can get started on the farm.
Can't wait.

Hey all.  Hope everyone's doing well.  Happy holidays.

Hi Steven,  Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of the spammers.  I really enjoy this site.



Thanks for taking care of the spammers Steven.

I'm sure this site will get back to be the best vermicomposting forum it used to be.

Many thanks Steven for dealing with the spammers.  The members of this site have so much invested in this forum.  I agree with Sue that it is the best.




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