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Well, sometimes I don't have anything to update specifically about my vermicomposting efforts.. nor do I see any specific thread I want to contribute to at the moment, but I still want to say a "hello" to folks... and let people know I stopped by... I figured other folks might be in the same shoes... so I started this "hello" thread... so people can just stop in and say hello. Please feel free to say hello whenever you stop by the site.. each day you come by.. or as often as you want :).

I don't know why but I like checking my email in the morning and seeing email notifications that folks have been hello-ing in here. If you want to be be email notified when other people post their hellos/shoutouts too... by clicking on "follow" at the bottom of this page:

As if there wasn't enough opportunities to be vermi addicted :P... hehe...

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Hello everyone! I am excited to be here! I am a big fan of worm farming and organic gardening! I look forward to meeting everyone here, learning and contributing!

it's a random thing Betsy, kinda like the lotto, but you don't pick the numbers! :-)

it has absolutely nothing to do with what you know or don't know or how long you've been a member.

Frank is correct that it's totally random. I'm one of a handful of mods that can hit the "feature" button and I basically pick someone who has added an image (any image) as their avatar...something different from that generic recycle symbol.

Betsy: I'm not sure what happened with your account here, but there is no "feature" button available for you. I checked several other members randomly and they all have that option. Maybe you can check your account settings to see if any privacy options are clicked on.

I've since found other members without the "feature" button. Here are screenshots of a section of two member's homepage. The 2nd one has the "feature" button.

Ah Ha! so you are the secrete weapon. :-)

i actually like the feature, it helps to reintroduce individuals, and now it also will encourage more photos.

Sam, I have no idea. We don't really do much here and have limited authority. My primary function is too boot off obvious spammers; you know, the ones who send love letters to dozens of members here regardless of gender.

Now that's funny Betsy.

Thanks for the early morning chuckle.

Hi I like all the practical info here. Thanks. Can anyone start a thread?

Yes, click on add in the top right corner.

Thanks Alison!

Hey all.  Just thought I'd say hi.


I moved into an apartment and missed my outdoor compost heap and my garden, not necessarily in that order.

I rented space in my town's community garden, and I am learning to compost indoors with red wigglers. I started May 1st. So far, so good. My starting population is small (100 or so), and I'm sure I overfeed and generally annoy the worms, but I've only had one ammoniaish episode and three worms trying to flee.

I have a bunch of cocoons -- I'm pretty stoked -- and I have to keep reminding myself that they aren't pets.

I found the link to here from Bentley's blog. Thanks, Bentley!




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