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Well, sometimes I don't have anything to update specifically about my vermicomposting efforts.. nor do I see any specific thread I want to contribute to at the moment, but I still want to say a "hello" to folks... and let people know I stopped by... I figured other folks might be in the same shoes... so I started this "hello" thread... so people can just stop in and say hello. Please feel free to say hello whenever you stop by the site.. each day you come by.. or as often as you want :).

I don't know why but I like checking my email in the morning and seeing email notifications that folks have been hello-ing in here. If you want to be be email notified when other people post their hellos/shoutouts too... by clicking on "follow" at the bottom of this page:

As if there wasn't enough opportunities to be vermi addicted :P... hehe...

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Just saying hello, I'm still worming and still loving it.
Hello there. Me & my worms are doing fine. I started with a bin composter in November, and after about a month of doing OK, I realized that I was feeding entirely too much & watering too much. That, plus other reasons, I switched to a Gusanito Worm Factory 4 bin tray in December. Since then, the worms are humming right along. Plus, it's easy too see when they have eaten all the food I put in. Since I was transferring to the tray bin from my first rubbermaid bin, I now am on the 2nd tray & should be putting on the 3rd one in another couple of weeks. The first tray still has a lot of worms in it, so I guess I had a lot of uneaten food when I moved them in.

I can't wait until springtime when I can brew up some vermicompost tea & give my plants a god feeding.
Oh, cool..... i just ordered the same Gusanito bin yesterday, i am trying to hold off on too many questions on exactly how it functions until i actually get it and read its instructions. I also ordered 1# of worms with it, which they will delay shipment 10 days as they state, and most likely will have to delay longer due to weather. I had assumed they shipped live worms with heat packs like salt water companies do when i order corals for my marine aquarium, it was kind of a naive assumption on my part i guess, but i don't mind a delay either way... it gives me more time to set up the device and do even more research...and save some scraps.

so that is my newbie shout-out and non-update update :D
I have the five drawer Gusanito bin. It's humming right along.
I have a five tray also and a friend gave me a three tray Can-o-Worms. I prefer the Gusanito to the COW.
I just started a continuous flow with a Rubbermaid trash bin on wheels. Too soon to say how I like it.
I really like my 5 tray Gusanito as well. Would love to see some pictures of your flow thru!
Hello...and I am trying the worm crowding thing...I need some euro's....A fellow giant pumpkn grower is going to give me some for the cost of shipping
giantpumpkingpeep – I have a question for you – I’m a newbie so when you said “I’m trying the worm crowding thing” I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant. Is that some type of worming technique? What are you hoping to accomplish? I’m just curious and like to learn new things about worms when I can.
Bad storm here worm bins frozen over for the second time this winter. I know they're doing fine. Needs to warm up though I really need to clean the bins. Should have many euros and lots of reds ready to warm up. LOL Oh by the way Hello
Hello Everyone. I cannot wait until my move in March is over so I can set up another bin - This time with Euros. My Dear Hubby doesn't want to move two worm bins accross country. I hear enough about moving my Reds. (He is not as impressed with my worms as I am.)
My husband wasn't nearly as eunthuastic about my worms as me...He doesn't seem to think I'm nearly as funny as I do either...Now that we've had them in the kitchen for a few weeks he is impressed. The second day the worms were added to the bin he came home from work and the first thing he said was "the bin doesn't smell anymore". Worms rock!
I got the same reaction from my husband, first when I told him, and next when he realized I wasn't crazy. Now, he BRAGS about my hobby to his friends. Yay for our hubbies!




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