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Is anybody familiar with the soil heat coils that start up at 74º? We live in a very cold climate, and the other day my little heater in my "worm room" went kaput, and the temp in my worm room plunged, and consequently my bin temp got to 28º! I brought it in the house to warm up, and thankfully the worms thawed out with the bedding with minimal deaths.

But in the house, the temperature in the bedding stays at 50-55º, and that's not warm enough to let the worms reproduce an whatever worms do.

So if they are in the house, is a soil heat coil a good idea and do you think it would work? And how long should the coil be?


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I use soil heat coils. My bins are bigger. Soil heat coil works great, but dries out the bedding. I keep mine on the top. My worms like it. I use Farmtek/Greenhouse Supply company to order the heat coils. They have different sizes. Or another idea might work will be a seedling heat mat.

Would you be able to give me a direct link to the heat coils on their website, please? I went there but couldn't find it.

Here is the link.

I use 1/4 inch wire screen with wire ties to keep the heat wire attached.

I went with a slightly different solution. Worms are in an unheated insulated garage inn Chicago area. Temp in garage is 32 today. I used these (not necessarily from these vendors though):

I bury the lead of the thermostat and plug the heating cable in to it. In the last 3 years I have had to replace the thermostat once. It is on all winter though.




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