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Hello all,

After five months of composting, I decided to harvest.  The false floor was still intact but the bin was about 2/3 full and I needed some compost for planting.  First, I put way too much newspaper and cardboard for the false floor.  I had to use a box cutter to score the wet/damp newspaper and hand rake the newspaper and cardboard out between the VB24 grates.  That took a while but once the false floor is gone it was all good.  Second, the harvested vc is not quite completely processed.  Someone mentioned that the first harvest is not good and subsequent harvest will yield better quality compost due to the nature of the flow thru.  Plus, I only put in about 1000 worms at the beginning and added another 3000 4 months later.  Also, the small concrete mixing pan from home depot fits under the VB24 nicely to collect vc (my dad is going to think I'm writing about viet cong when saying vc!).

Spring garden, here we go!  Hopefully it will grow big with castings, fish hydrolysate fertilizers and worm tea for pest control.


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Andrew will say five months is too long before first harvest!

What were you using as bedding? Was it the bedding that was not processed completely? Did you find many worms or cocoons in the harvest?

I used shredded newspaper, ripped up cardboard (but in big chunks), egg cartons, cereal boxes, dryer lint, new zealand peat moss, leaves... anything that I think the worms can process.  There weren't many worms remaining at the bottom, maybe a dozen max and there were cocoon shell but did not really see any live cocoons.  I assume most would have hatched in the 5 months period. The first harvest, the bedding was not completely processed but the next one will be better since the worms would have acclimated to the new environment and the worms usually occupies the top third of the bin to process the food. So the next harvest would be the layer that the worms had more time to work into vc (I can't put it into words well but I think you get the idea!)




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