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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share a few photos, to show you the Halloween treat that I gave the worms a few days ago.  I got a medium sized pumpkin, cut a couple of doors in the sides about midway, and an observation cap on the top, then buried it leaving the top uncovered.

As you can see from the photos, the worms just absolutely love it.  After day 3 is when the party gets going.

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Some happy worms there.

That's cool.  Are those euro's?  I still didn't cut up our pumpkins, but I know where there going.

They are Red Wigglers, I think the worms got a little bigger after gorging on that pumpkin.  Here are another couple pics showing day-6.


Composters Favorite Holiday.  I typically chop mine up to help the worms consume it faster and I always make sure I remove the seeds as I'm still finding seeds in my bin years later.


Video of me preparing the pumpkins:

Great video, very well presented.  I thought about the seeds, but I figured that since I sift it through a screen that is just under 1/4", any seeds still left wouldn't make it through.  This is a flow-through system, so I theorized that the time taken for that level to reach the bottom, the seeds should be fully broken down.  I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes over time. I left the seeds with all that pulpy stuff intact, because I believe the worms love it with that high moisture content.

Oh they do love it but I still find seeds in my bin from the first pumpkins I put in a few years ago as I never fully empty out the bins.  Also the first time I had multiple plants growing in the bin that I kept turning under the bin to get them composted as well.

I sent out word to my neighbors to drop off their old rotting Jack-O-Lanterns. It is easier to remove the little candles than the pumpkin seeds :-)

The worms are loving them. The garage is at 50 degrees so the rotting has subsided a bit and when I put a layer or two of pumpkin with crushed soaked leaves between them (and a little crushed egg shell to combat acidity) into the bin the temp actually keeps near the mid 70s with no heat required. I am hoping not to have to plug in the heater for another month.

I recovered a large pumpkin from the dumpster today.  My work site produces large quantities of paper dust.  I found mixing paper dust and pumpkin slurry in equal proportions I make a nice sludge.  I am using it in my African Nightcrawler breeder bins and the worms are going crazy over it.  I set it across the top of the bins in hamburger-like patties and the worms obliterate it in short order.





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