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Hey there, I was just curious and searched for "vermicomposting" on Google and doesn't show up in the results for "vermicomposting".  I thought we'd be at least on the second page :P, but I didn't see it there either.  Oh well.

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Huh..I'm surprised, because that's how I found this site!! But then, perhaps I searched for vermicomposting forum...I can't remember now...

Either way, you can raise your Google search results by changing your header - that is how Google sorts them. If you change it to - A Vermicomposting Forum or something like that you should come up in at least the first page.
Yeah, I think that's just because of AdWords. Companies pay big bucks for it. When people look for "vermicomposting forums" we do show up! Even on the first page. Would be even better if they looked for "vermicompost forum", then we'd be number two! The one before it is gardenweb, who's link sends you to a really crappy page.

AdWords =
I wonder if Google downplays the value of ning social networking sites whose business model involves selling Google Ads.
You're right, when tacking on "forum" to vermicompost/vermicomposting we do come up on page one. That is cool.

I think it one's search ranking / relevancy also has a lot to do with how many links they can find pointing to one's site. The more links from sites that mention vermicomposting to the more "relevant" we're scored and therefore higher in the search results. Hmm.. I suppose that means that not that many people link to
Speaking of that, I'm having a difficult time getting my badge to work on my says it needs a ";" after textColor, but doesn't make a difference even when I add one...
But Carlos is adding links to Uncle Jims site (which is also a Google ad).
I think I found it on Google by typing Vermiculture rather than composting or else it was vermicomposting with worm's
Here's where I found this site on the various search engines using "vermicomposting":

bing p.4
yahoo p.7
google p.8

I think I'll use bing for a while.
Thanks for posting this, interesting to see how high vermicomposters is ranking on each of the search engines.




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