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Recently I have found fruit fly's in my DIY bins.  Do they hurt my worms?  Is this a bad sign?

Also, I have noticed that several worms still keep crawling around the sides and lid of bin.

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Thanks. I dug around a bit today and i would think that the moisture level is fine, but there were still a few worms on the lid this morning. so i guess u r right about worms hanging out on the lid and sides no matter wat the moisture level. also idk about them climbing up dry plastic, but i did find one climbing up my dry wall which is covered in visqueen. maybe the worm itself was wet enough to stick to it?

They can climb dry stuff; I just thought in most cases they wouldn't want to.

oh. sounds logical. yea i still can't figure out where that worm thought it was going. it was actually climbing toward the light. maybe that was just "the crazy uncle" lol.

Hehe, yeah.  Or maybe it was a PE?  The Guru says those worms are nuts.

I rarely have fruit flies and can't explain why. As for your potato skins go, I freeze mine overnite, thaw, and add when they get to room temp. I usually freeze most of my feed. 2 dozen worms wondering is not a cause for panic. I lined the inside of my bin with cardboard that will stick out of the top by 2-3 inches. If the "walkers" (I love that show) are a concern for you I, have in the past, put one of those clamp lights with a low wattage bulb. I believe they need to be trained as to where their home is.

i lived in the houston area in the seventies, when there was a severe storm the worms would leave the worm boxers and climb the sides of the house and hang from the eves. try rounding up several hundred of them buggers.

LOL...that is alot.  Do you think they know when bad weather is upon us?  Just received my Worm Factory 360...set it up, and been adding worms from the DIY bin.  Guess I will found out if I have less escapees soon.

The vermicompost in my bins are looking deep and rich.  Dug down and lots of live worms....flys gone and all smells organic now.


Will let you know if the factory makes a difference...sure hope so!

YEA! "The Walking Dead"!




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