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Feeding bread and other starches to worms

Does anyone feed bread to their worms. I've read you shouldn't do it but the worms seem to love it., I just lay it on top of the bedding and the worms surround it and eat it from the edges in about 4 days. I do the same thing with flour with the same results.

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I have fed my worms bread and flour one time. Yes, the worms love it. Some commercial worm farmers uses Purina Worm Chow or a chicken mash to fatten the worms or as a primary feedstock. These chows consists some grain/flour ingredients. So I think breads and other grains will be okay to feed the worms.

You will be fine. The main worry with starchy material is that it will heat up quickly. Just don't over do it.

Just make sure you combine it with vegetable scraps, and maybe

even manures, if you can get your hands on some.  Well, maybe

not your hands, but a pitchfork or a shovel. Main thing, don't overdo

it with breads and pastries and rice, too starchy. Always moderate.




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