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i purchased a total of 960 EH's at walmart. they were very healthy and extrememly active. i only lost 3 that i know of. I released them in a makeshift wood bin 16x16x48 not a FT, (big mistake)

these are the first  EH's i have every owned. after something like 3-4 months or so, ( dig around in my worms almost everyday, i didn't see but a couple of cocoons even though i saw them breeding many times.

i built this new 4-bin rack of 3x3x16" FT bins and wanted to move them down into that bin because it is the most shaded. as i moved them out i dug down about 4-6" and removed several hundred of them and placed them in their new home.

that was yesterday, today i decided to dig down further so on the left 25% of the old bin i dug to almost the bottom. i have found that there were many cocoons buried in the really wet castings in the bottom,and that is also where most of the worms reside.

the EH's i have prefer produce and leaves to horse manure. they will not come up for manure, but will for the produce and leaves.

EH's like it wet. they congregate in the wettest parts of the bins.

what have been your experiences? i belong to the EH group, but for others that are just thinking about it this may serve as an introduction.


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Sure  Sam,

Bit   up  to  my  neck in it at  the  moment,  will deffo  get  some  stuff up  for you  later. been remiss of me  not  to recently.

Dont  laugh at  my  flow through, GG only  advised on where to  put the  paper,  not the  design!!!


ok done that, the camera has split it into  3's deffo the camera, not the director!!

uploading to  youtube, by a steam driven Mac, the other one  bust, may take an hour  or so, depends  how fast  the  gerbils will spin the wheel   :)


got 2 of the vids  up, youtube..aka... google....aka.....we want all your details, hosted and then with a smiley face ejected it!

'cos  its  too long, although i intentionally didn't do it  in high def.

last  bit on the way  soon i hope.

I could  put them on other file servers, but you would have to  pay to download them, not very squirmicomposter friendly, so, you (tube) have to  wait unfortunately.

approx another  ....mmm 37 minutes, but  it is  worth  waiting  for.

There is  no truth in the  rumour that  either  FF or  GG or  HH or  CC tried to  sell the  rights  to  Rupert  Burdoch (sic) or that  WW has  already  made  a  syndicated  HBO horror movie out  of  it... A nightmare  on Squelm Street.  But the  neighbours have asked  for  cameo  roles ... and all along  I thought  those  chains and  axes and  spikey things were  just  some  dress rehearsals for  haloween.



Well the  last  one  went  up  finally. 

I shouldn't  be  so  derogatory  about  utube,  they  do do it  for  free, if  I  hosted it,  it  would  cost  you.

On a  serious  note though, and  building  on what  Frank said and  Michelle's worries, both those indoor bins and  the  original outside bins, have layers of  vermicompost on the  bottom that are  like  clay, plastecine,play dough..however you want to  describe it. Ok  the  dendras  love it, but  so  do  the  EF's /EA's as you  can see from the  vid.

Will be interesting to  see what  the  flow through  comes  up  with. getting the  vc away from the  worms really has  been a  hassle and  frankly,  stacking, so  called  migrating  bins are, worse than useless, imho.


With a buch of the euros skimming the paper on the bottom no way at 16" could i use it as a FT. The vast majority of cacoons were within a couple of inches from the bottom a number of them were new eggs. Which leads me to believe the chemistry of the castings is what they want for their eggs and fry. I do not put fillers on the bottom such as coir, they started in the bin with two week old produce, leaves and cardboard. Everything at the bottom is castings. I can see myself with a crane turning over a 500-600# bin to do the old dump and sort with lights.

Now that you say that, I bought a bunch of them at the bait and tackle shop about 3 months ago and threw them in with me EF's. Seems like all I ever do is pull them out of the catch tray at the bottom. I have a feeling that when I do a harvest in the next week or so that I am going to have a 6 inch deep tray full of babies. Fun! Fun!

To  Frank,GG et  al

Got 2 days at  home, outta here thur back  mon.

The  FT is  looking  settled, no  escapees and  activity on surface, massive  EH activity under the  wet  old  mat.


Should  I take the  adult EH's  out of  the stacking  bin and  put them in the  FT?

If I  did I  could  find  out  roughly  how many there are from  the  initial lot and  it  might help with  population growth?

Downside  might  be that in 3  months  time I  might  not  have enough  cocoons...the  whole  point  of  this bin is  to  get  cocoons  for  Peter, but  can only  send  in May/June.

All answers on the  back  of  a  20  Dollar  note to..............


So much for my two cents! Damn inflation! :-)
My conclusion from my bins (and this did not include EH's the young were not maturing as fast or as large as they should have been. So my conclusion, written on just two squares of TP (damn inflation) is the quantity was there but stunted and slowed maturing rate. To just produce capsuls later to grow out with sufficient room i would let the adults stay where they are. They won't be set back by being disturbed. I am questioning: what is the impact on having their territories disrupted. This takes us back to the study on groups.




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