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People told me they heard their worms moving around but I have never heard them until last night. That is after VC-ing for almost 2 years.
I have these mini bins (converted take out food containers) for my "experiments" and when I put it right close to my ear, I heard them "squeeshing" (is that a word?) or whooshing around. Really neat.

Now I have yet to see them move the bedding/cover like waves.

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When I first brought home my worms, they lived in a rubbermaid "hotel". I could hear something like bubbles popping when they moved around. Since I have moved them into the big FT, I don't hear that anymore.

I like your "squeeshing" word. LOL I have never heard that one, but it seems like the perfect word to describe the sound a worm makes when they move.
Beckie =)
"Bubbles popping": yeah, I hear that too in my Rubbermaid bin. I'll bet it happens more when I'm there, because I've just opened the lid, and probably dozens of worms want to retreat from the light.

I'd love to hear the "squeeshing" sound! Haha!
You are right. There was much more "bubbles popping" noises when I removed the lid. RETREAT!
Beckie =)
My new word for the day. Squeeshing.
Great word, Sue. I'll add it to the vermi-vocab list. :-) kidding. My EH bin is wetter than my EE bin and the squeeshing sound is much easier to hear with the wetter bin.
I need to write down what EH and EE means so when I read it I will know.
Thank you Larry.
We need to ad one of those little banners along the side with a running list of all the abbreviations. I have to admit I don't know all of them either.
Beckie =)
I added a couple of these that were missing, here: Glossary
I hear a snap crackle pop sound sound from some of my worms. but 'squeeshing' is great.
It is neat hearing the worms. My worms must be related to Pat's, because I hear the Rice-Krispie orchestra.
For even more fun, borrow a stethoscope!
I listened last night with a stethoscope but, sadly, didn't hear anything. Maybe it was cold and the worms weren't very active. Or maybe it was because I never opened the bin to disturb them. Or maybe because the compost doesn't really touch the sides of my bin.




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