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I'm certain there are more, so please let me know which ones I missed. I can add new ones later. I've listed them from smallest to largest. Let me know if the specs are wrong...some are unpublished. Most are listed as total capacity including the harvesting chamber.
Josh's bucket (5 gal.)
Ben's 5 gal. Nested FT
Sue's 6 gal. FT
Pat James' mini-FT with harvesting rods (~7 gal.)
Garden Citizen's Transparent FT (~12 gal.)
Peter Barnard's FTs (12, 25 & 60 gal.) and Peter's schematic
Susan B's small trash can (13 gal.?)
Steven's mini FT (13 gal.)
Nic's converted storage bin (18 gal.)
Andrew's modular bin (18-36 gal.)
Amy Youngs' worm bin bag (~30 gal.)
Craig's FT (~30 gal.)
Sharon's FT (~30 gal.)
Bones' square bin (32 gal.)
Lisa's roughneck bin (32 gal.?)
Darni's converted recycle bin
Aniston's wooden bin (~35 gal?)
Darni's wooden bin
Larry's (garbage guru) "mini" FT
geaux_worms's Walmart bin (45 gal.)
Stephen McGuire's garbage can FT (45 gal.)
Ben's insulated VB24 (~45 gal.)
Larry Strezo's cedar FT with heating tubes (~46 gal.)
Z-Mark's sub-$50 FT (46 gal.)
Richard's 50 gal. Worm Palace FT
Eve's hi-tech heated reactor (55 gal.)
Catherine's converted composter
Gardenweb bin (splitsec002's 55 gal.)
Bill's 55 gal. blue barrel
The Schwartz's barrel (55 gal.?)
Greg's wood bin (?)
Steve Lambert's FT barrel (58 gal.)
Rebecca Wilson's first FT (~58 gal.)
Don Dillon's first FT (~60 gal.)
Pat James' Wooden FT with harvesting rods (~60 gal.) [photos on pg. 3]
Jason's blue bin (~65 gal./240 Litres)
Don's 65 gal. tough barrel
Brett's mini OSCR-type FT (~90 gal.)
Sue's 96 gal. grey monster
Mark from Kansas' OSCR (200 gal.)
Larry's (garbage guru) 4' x 8' OSCR
Joe's 250 gal. VB96 [scroll down for link]
pyropunk's railroad tie FT (250 gal.)
Mark Shaw's OSCR-like bins (big & really big)

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Really love the door at the bottom and your design using the barrel. Very nicely done Stefaan! 

If you wouldn't mind adding mine to the list as well, I'd appreciate it. It's roughly 45 gallon capacity, album is here:

Good job on the VB24, Ben! I've added it to the list.

Let us know how the metal conduit holds up over time. I'm sure it'll be good for some years, but a few folks had issues with rusty flakes in their VC. Apparently the quality of conduit varies considerably.

I'll definitely keep an eye on it. The conduit I bought was galvanized, but working in the machining business I can tell you that there are 2-3 different types of galvanizing, and they hold up varying lengths of time. From a quick visual inspection, my suspicion was that that this was a mechanical galvanize and it should hold up pretty well. Very uniform coating, (which means not a hot dip) and no obvious visible defects on the conduit I got.

If there's any corrosion, it should be the zinc coating corroding, not actual rust. Obviously that's not desirable either, but the way I built the bin, it should only require removing two boards in order to replace them. And if I do it one bar at a time, I may be able to do it without emptying the bin. Who knows, that's a LONG way away yet!

Hi I had a 20 litre (5 gal) flow through bin made from a couple of pails nested together. I used it for a couple of years before idling it due to lack of enough waste to keep both it and my storage tote bin going. If nothing else it's an example of a couple of things not to do (wires in grate not spaced far enough apart, clothes hanger wire for grate rusts quickly).

 Mini Flow Through Worm Bin

Another addition: Ben's 80 gallon with turnable harvesting rods.




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