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I'm certain there are more, so please let me know which ones I missed. I can add new ones later. I've listed them from smallest to largest. Let me know if the specs are wrong...some are unpublished. Most are listed as total capacity including the harvesting chamber.
Josh's bucket (5 gal.)
Ben's 5 gal. Nested FT
Sue's 6 gal. FT
Pat James' mini-FT with harvesting rods (~7 gal.)
Garden Citizen's Transparent FT (~12 gal.)
Peter Barnard's FTs (12, 25 & 60 gal.) and Peter's schematic
Susan B's small trash can (13 gal.?)
Steven's mini FT (13 gal.)
Nic's converted storage bin (18 gal.)
Andrew's modular bin (18-36 gal.)
Amy Youngs' worm bin bag (~30 gal.)
Craig's FT (~30 gal.)
Sharon's FT (~30 gal.)
Bones' square bin (32 gal.)
Lisa's roughneck bin (32 gal.?)
Darni's converted recycle bin
Aniston's wooden bin (~35 gal?)
Darni's wooden bin
Larry's (garbage guru) "mini" FT
geaux_worms's Walmart bin (45 gal.)
Stephen McGuire's garbage can FT (45 gal.)
Ben's insulated VB24 (~45 gal.)
Larry Strezo's cedar FT with heating tubes (~46 gal.)
Z-Mark's sub-$50 FT (46 gal.)
Richard's 50 gal. Worm Palace FT
Eve's hi-tech heated reactor (55 gal.)
Catherine's converted composter
Gardenweb bin (splitsec002's 55 gal.)
Bill's 55 gal. blue barrel
The Schwartz's barrel (55 gal.?)
Greg's wood bin (?)
Steve Lambert's FT barrel (58 gal.)
Rebecca Wilson's first FT (~58 gal.)
Don Dillon's first FT (~60 gal.)
Pat James' Wooden FT with harvesting rods (~60 gal.) [photos on pg. 3]
Jason's blue bin (~65 gal./240 Litres)
Don's 65 gal. tough barrel
Brett's mini OSCR-type FT (~90 gal.)
Sue's 96 gal. grey monster
Mark from Kansas' OSCR (200 gal.)
Larry's (garbage guru) 4' x 8' OSCR
Joe's 250 gal. VB96 [scroll down for link]
pyropunk's railroad tie FT (250 gal.)
Mark Shaw's OSCR-like bins (big & really big)

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Thanks, Eve. I remember seeing this, but didn't keep the link since it required material (railroad ties & steel rods) I didn't have. Plus it's very large!

One detail he drew in his plans was especially interesting: a scraper/harvesting mechanism. Unfortunately he decided not to build this feature. His drawings are not complete, but maybe someone can decipher them and fill in the blanks.

I added the original forum link to the list. If anyone wants the 6.8 MB pdf, they should use the link you provided. At quick glance the information seems to be identical. The forum discussion includes some updates.
So I'm putting together some plans that I hope to use to build ny FT bin once my worm population has grown sufficiently. So dumb question here: does anyone have suggestions on the easiest way to line up the holes on the opposite sides of the bin to put the poles through to create the grate? It's kind of hard to measure precisely with curved corners...
I was lucky to start with there was a mold line clearly showing on my barrel so i used that as the starting point. If you don't have a mold line to start from measure across the widest part of the top and bottom of the bin and mark the center on the edge of each side you want to run the rods through. Then draw a line down the the bin to connect the marks. That can be your starting point. Dry erase pens work great.

Be sure that the rods run strait back from the harvest chamber opening so you can rake towards the hole. I know it seems to not be that structurally sound to place the rod holes above the harvest chamber door but your back will thank you when you are harvesting.

After messing up on the curves I got a stick 1.5" wide and used it as a measuring gauge. You have to do the marking on the inside and outside, then eyeball the measurement. I used the 1.5 measurement because that was what my garden forks spacing was. If i had to do it over again i would have made the spacing 2 inches or larger. After reading up i have seen the big commercial ones with 4" spacing.
I used a level to first place a piece of masking tape straight across the front and back of the bin at a certain height. Then I picked a center spot on each side, and measured out from that center spot to mark where the holes would go.
Great! Thanks for all of the helpful tips!
Larry, I've added a link to your bin. If you create a photo album with all the photos of your FT, I can change the link to that instead of just the single photo.
If you look at the top set of tabs on (bottom of the worm photo), you would click on "Photos" and then "My Albums". You then get the option of adding an album and moving any of your already uploaded photos into the album. You could have 100 photos and organize them in any number of albums.

I can't say I have any friends who care enough about vermiculture to help me in any project the size of what you're talking about. I think it's cool you have so many ambitious ideas. Keep us posted on any projects you can get to without endangering your back. Worms are important, but not quite that important. :)
Wow, a lot is going on in the flow-through bin lately - thanks for the list! I do have a link to add, it is for Amy's bin bag:


Thanks, Amy. I've added it to the list.
What a great idea! Only I can't weld.
Rebecca =)
you didn't post mine.
argghh! Sorry about that, Brett. I've got you pegged at 90 gal. Does that sound right?




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