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Decomposition rate of various fruits and vegetables

Just out of curiousity, I'd like to know which fruits and vegetables take longest to decompose in your wormbox, provided you don't freeze or blend them of course. In mine, I noticed that avocado peel and surprinsingly kiwi skin can stay in the box for 3-4 months without rotting. Mangostines seem to be made of everlasting stuff. I've had some for 2-3 years, that I transfer from box to box whenever I empty them. The worms love hiding into them, but they don't seem to rot at all. Peanut shells also have a very slow decomposition rate.

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members of the cabbage family, leaves will remain hydrated and fresh for months in the castings and some will root. celery will always root even single stems, so will potato pieces, Brussels sprouts, onions, bok cho, root crops such as beets, radishes, carrots, turnups, horse radishes, ginger and many of the other root crops. even pieces of these will root. if i want them to rot i smash them. i have had several of these survive the composting process and grow.

The bane of my bins is potato skins and cabbage bits. They seem to last forever. Everything else I put in - fruit peels, cucumber, lettuce, bean sprouts, etc disappear pretty quick.

+1 on the potato peels.

another +1 on potato peels. Especially if ANY potato is left on them. (eg: a peeler wasn't used, a knife was.)

Banana's- froozen or not they take LONG.. been composting a entire banana bunch of small banana's think they are called apple banana's for 2 weeks and least it has done was shrank and turned completely black. it usually takes about 3-4 weeks to fully decompose even longer.

Lettuce- about 1-2 weeks. i believe lettuce has a lot of water in it thus it shrinks fast but doesn't really decompose all that fast unlike watermelon.

watermelon- for some reason i put in watermelon which was already composting for about a week take a look at it today still not fully composted not even close.. worms all over it but seems untouched for the most part. usually this is the first thing to go from experience not sure why not this time around.

baby carrots- threw in a whole bag since it was already rotting in the fridge least it has done over the past 2 weeks was shrink and smell. 3-4 weeks and it somewhat gets fully composted it should be nearly gone by that time.

corn- at least 2 months put in entire corn cops about 1 month in still got corn on it as if new i find worms in the cobs when i eat the corn but entire corn no.

orange- only a few days-2 weeks max. i usually peel them by hand and throw in whole they decompose easily.

tomatoes - about 2 weeks-3 weeks.

peanut shells- MONTHS maybe YEARS even. not sure why but peanut shells don't seem to get composted at all. had one batch with it last harvest using it now as mulch and i still see it. doesn't even look broken down yet.

trying eggplant 3 days have passed it's shrunken a little. also trying other fruits not sure of the names but they are mushy from the start not rotten thats just how they are so far those are doing okay.
 all these stuff are from WHOLE foods not chopped or anything thus they take longer to decompose. i do chop food up by hand from time to time and also put in pureed but i have gotten lazy of doing that since i don't own a blender. and yes they compost faster when made smaller. pureed stuffed no matter what takes only about 2 weeks to compost

i tend to find my worms hiding in plants with flowers peel off the flower petals and find a worm in it. this stuff is from my own experience it is not super accurate since i usually don't keep tabs but they are decent data except for the water melon not sure whats up with that one this feeding maybe i feed too much idk?

The banana peels are a good protective sheeth, i rip each one open and that helps. However without the rotting process or precomposting it does take a long time for things to be broken down that takes you back to freezing, chopping, and blending. The PE's are always the first to go after the food in my bins.

re bananas: I usually peel a bunch of them at a time and freeze the bananas for smoothies. So I'll just take a 10-12" kitchen knife and quickly chop all the peels into ~1"x2" bits before I throw them in the freezer. It only takes a minute or two and it has VASTLY sped up the decomp process in the worm bin for me. Only part I didn't manage to get to decompose fast was the stem. Those things stick around forever, especially if you toss them in whole. 

I have found potato peels (like everyone else!), pumpkin seeds, apples, and pepper stems take the longest- and pumpkin guts, strawberry tops, tomato slices, and banana peels go the fastest.

So am I the only one to find my kiwi and avocado skins untouched after 3-4 months there with the worms?

Avocado skins definitely take a while in mine. They get brittle and crack apart before they actually decompose I think. Avocado seeds take a long time too. Haven't tried kiwi yet.




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