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Dairy biosolids (dairy sludge) will kill redworms

Here's an interesting article [well, abstract].


A laboratory study was conducted to examine the feasibility of vermicomposting dairy biosolids (dairy sludge), either alone or with either of the bulking agents ‐ cereal straw or wood shavings, using the epigeic earthworm ‐ Eisinea andrei.Earthworms added directly to these three substrates died within 48 hours. A system was developed to overcome the toxic effect of unprocessed dairy biosolids. The substrates were placed over a layer of vermicomposted sheep manure into which the earthworms were inoculated. Within two weeks, allearthworms were within the upper layer of substrate. Compared to sheep manure which is a favourable substrate for vermicomposting, the three substrates containing dairy biosolids were more effective in supporting earthworm growth and reproduction. The final products obtained after 63 days of vermicomposting had 39–53% less organic carbon than the initial substrates. Organic fractionation indicated that vermicomposting increased the stability of the materials to biological decomposition. The vermicomposts obtained from the three substrates with dairy biosolids had low heavy metal contents and electrical conductivities, and did not inhibit plant growth when compared with a commercial vermicompost in a bioassay.

Evidently, if the dairy sludge is placed over composted sheep manure, it's cool for the worms.  I guess it kinda makes sense.

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I have seen a video of Worm Power:

Seeing that, we can understand how worms could not survive in unprocessed dairy sludge. 

They certainly have a great system. Now to incorporate that same automation into a practical size for small farms. The farmers i know are working before sun up to after sundown. They need an automated system they can manage.
Get on it Larry! As creative as you are You can do it. All you have to do is design and supervise!

That has been the BIG negative in aquaponic systems high nitrates up to 400ppm, the argument is the plants will purify the water in the system and that just isn't totally true. The plants will use only what they need. You know the warnings when high nitrate levels are in you water? I agree that the fish may or may not contain 400ppm of nitrates but the other parasites and waste become concentrated. Also both the tilapia and shrimp are detritus (poop) eaters. Tilapia have to be starved in clean water for several days to get rid of the "muddy" flavor.




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