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Continuous Flow Through Reactors and flying insects

I am in the construction phase of creating a continuous flow through like the OSCR-style or rolling trash bin style systems like others have.  I am considering placing it inside with my other bins, but I wonder if it is more prone to flies or other critters with the open grating on bottom.  Anybody have any problems with this or do you find issues to be on par with RMs and Worm Factories?  Also, I hope to add a bit more food than I would my other bins, so is that an issue with creating an environment for flies? 

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I've got a Worm Inn and it has a bottom that can't be sealed, I've also left it open for allowing some VC to dry and/or naturally drop.


Eight months going and no flying insects yet :).  I've had both fruit flies and fungus gnats in my first RM bin.  All stuff I add was frozen first.  So I'm finding the seal on the top to be the most important.

I don't have my FT indoors, but I don't notice any difference in flying critter issues. If you feed unfrozen fruit & veggie scraps, fruit flies usually get involved to some extent. A thick layer of dry top bedding helps a lot, but there are usually some fruit flies as long as the weather is warm enough. It hasn't mattered enough to me to bother, but I imagine a wet t-shirt on top of the dry bedding and some gauzy material draped over the entire bin might totally wipe out the flying critter issue.
Mine is out in the unfinished garage i don't worry too much about it.  I don't freeze the food so have always had some fruit flies.  But i also have a toad or two in the top of the bin at all times.  Up until this year i never had any big bug issues.  Last winter the power stayed out so long i lost my worms and had to wait for the cacoons to hatch out the the herd to rebuild.  The bin is still low on worms.  And i have overfed a couple times.  So i am seeing a lot of other bugs i never much noticed before, mites, flies, beetles and so on.  They are slowly starting to go away as the herd increases and i take more care with the feedings.

I have a 4'x2'x2' FT in my basement. Keeping a Shop Light on with a fly paper strip hanging does the trick.

There are some gnats in the basement but nothing in our main living space.

I'm pre-composting the food with coffee & cardboard outside. It’s in a barrel with window screen across the top to keep the larger bugs out.


I've tried the pre-made yellow sticky traps. They are too much work to clean and reuse. Fly paper strips are about $5 for 2 and they last months.

Good Luck


I got some fine woven fabric mesh and hot glued an elastic cord to the edges. It fits snug over the top of my bin and keeps flies out. I keep my bin indoors. There are some tiny flies in the bin, gnats I think. They don't bother me. A few escape when I rummage, but iIdont thnk they live long and have never caused an issue. I can't see the open bottom being a problem, I think the flies are only interested in the top few inches of the bin.

All my systems from mortar trays, Bentley bins, fts and a Worm Inn are inside and as long as I freeze the food scraps and keep everything well covered with dry shredded paper I have no problems with insects.

Yes my wall of flame worked very well except not being able to keep it quite warm enough in the winter. I harvested everything in the spring and just now started more trays- but only up to level 6 cause the higher ones were too hard to get to to keep watered. Sorry to hear about your run of bad health- hope you can recover soon. Would someone be able to dump your trays into your big bin so whatever worms are left can survive?




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