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I got a lot of brown cardboard to shred, maybe about 16 man hours by hand. I can purchased a slightly used chipper shredder for about $ 300,  and reduce the time, any advise on this matter.

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You will need to use the chipper somewhere away from anything you want to keep looking good.  My experience with chipper shredders is that they throw "dust" (powdered cardboard) all over the place unless you are chipping something that still has some moisture in it.  Chipping anything dry can cause quite a mess.  The dust can build up quite thick, it sticks to everything including the walls. 


That said if you have somewhere you can chip, i have read that the small bits of cardboard works extremely well in the worm bin.

down side to everything. i don't know what kind of chipper you have, mine is a vertical top feed low budget chipper that i put over a 5 gal bucket and it isn't that bad. if you have one that throws the chips up and out all bets are off! :-)
This is what I am looking at, I don't how well they work shredding cardboard.
That kind should chop in larger chunks instead of dust size and it has a downward pointing exit shoot.  Probably far cleaner than the one i have used.  Should be fairly clean to use.

I'd buy it if I were you. A chipper is a great tool to have. That being said I'm not sure I would get really involved with trying to chip up dry cardboard. You might find it jams etc. You might try a piece or 2 of dry then a couple pieces of damp etc. They work better for other garden stuff than paper products.

Personally, I run my cardboard through a regular paper shredder  a  little at a time, and then put that into my compost tumbler. I do frequently take stuff out of one of my outside compost bins and run it through my chipper. 

Again you have to be careful to NOT breathe in alot of the dust. I've told the story before of how I ran thru a batch of compost with my Dad and he wound up in the hospital and nearly died.

i have to rip the cardboard into pieces that fit the top opening on the chipper. the chipper pulverizes it very nicely. i run the cardboard through dry. i then mix it with the produce i collect from the grocery store each day, about 50-75 lbs of it. i was using leaves, but ran out so have had to go to cardboard. the cardboard works much easier.

first try at incorporating image in reply. since i don't know how to correct the problem yet, maybe you can rotate your monitors 90degrees to the right. lol

my big helper Pinto. the black trash bags on the wagon contain some of the produce scraps i mentioned. i don't moisten the cardboard because of the moisture in the veggies and fruit. today i filled 3 large trash cans with produce and cardboard.

You could try rolling the cardboard up and inserting it as if it was a large tree branch. Maybe even wet it down slightly to reduce dust.

it is right side up in my computer. i'm sure it is something simple that i haven't figured out yet. each website has a different system. :-)
Picture viewer programs only change a photos orientation on your own computer.  When you send them out they still have the original orientation so i run them through Photoshop first.  Make sure their upright, change the size and do auto adjustments and so forth.  Only takes a minute per photo.
comments got suffled. i tried rolling a piece up, this isn't the greatest chipper, i just clogged it up. i should sharpen the blades it might work that way. :-)
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I picked up a used McCulloch MSC2003 Chipper Shredder, it chips branches but getting it to cut up cardboard doesn't work. Any suggestions on this or maybe using a blade off a lawn edger. The blades are sharp so I don't think that is the problem.




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