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I have heard that banana peels have a lot of pesticides on them.Has anyone ever had anything happen as a result of having banana peels.Thanks for Your time.

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My worms just love bananas. I always wash bananas as soon as I get them home. Several weeks ago, I wound up with 3 overripe bananas, well, they really were rotten. I simply cut them in half & laid them down in the bin, covered with newspaper. The wormies loved them!! Almost as much as watermelon rinds. The bananas are now gone & the worms are just fine. I've done this several times in the past & I've had no problems.
Depending on the pesticides used, many are designed to be used for specific types of pests (probably fruit flies for bananas). It is sprayed on the skins and am pretty sure not in concentrations that would poison a person from handling it. I guess it is a factor of modern life that we have to balance between do you want to risk bug infested fruit from foreign countries or can you accept a certain level of chemical use?

That being said, my kids like bananas and it gives me a regular supply of organic material for the worm bins. Have 3 kids and there are more or less than a dozen or so peels going into the bins every week. As far as organic material goes I find it to be great because it provides feedstock and not as much water as say a melon does.

There is the risk that the small concentrations of chemicals on an individual banana peel over time will get concentrated in the compost as you add more and more material. But don't most chemical pesticides break down and dissipate over time? One of those blind faith leaps we make every day I guess.
I use banana peels as I have them available. By the time they get to the worm bin, if they were ever sprayed, the pesticide used should be gone, like rom says, just a blind faith leap. I've never lost any worms that I know of from banana peels and I'd say by the time the worms eat banana peels, coffee grounds, cardboard, pumpkin, potato peels, cabbage scraps, onion peels and ends, apple cores...well you get the picture. worms eat everything in the bin and in the whole scheme of things, not much pesticide could be left in the worm poop(at least that is my hope). You know we do have to kind of strike a balance as to what we worry about. I would personally worry more about pesticide drift from my neighbors yard than I would the stuff I put in my bin. have more and more fun with your worms. don't worry too much. enjoy life. its short. steve
My sister looked up this list to help her decide which produce to buy "organic":
What Types of Produce Have the Highest and Lowest Levels of Pestici...

Looks like you'd have to worry more about pesticides on strawberries, spinach, cucumbers, potatoes, etc. before you get to bananas. I haven't noticed anything wrong with my squirm and they get all of the above.
I wonder a bit about that report. There isn't enough detail to know what was tested. If the purpose was to determine how much pesticide was present on the part of the fruit/veg that a person eats, the peel might not have been included in the test.
Well, after a member here lost worms most likely due to banana peels, I started buying organic. They last longer than regular bananas, not sure why, but they don't rot as fast. A local teacher came over to see my worm bin and I told him I was now buying organic bananas. He had stories of a trip to Costa Rica and the "blue bags" they put over the bananas and fumed them and then fumed again once they were loaded on the ship. Many workers get ill from the pesticides. So it is organic for me and my worms !
Thank you all for your replies.I do remember the member who lost all his worms and believe it was the banana peals.So I've been putting them in my compost rather then my worm bin.I have s many that I wish I could use them.

Here's what I'm going to do.I'm going to take 50s worm and but them in there own bin.In that bin I will feed them 50%banana peels and 50% the stuff I feed the rest.(mostly pumpkin and watermelon this time of year)Then in one month i will count them again and see if regular banana peels from walmart will be ok.wish me luck
Good luck, Joey. Just curious why such a high concentration? My family eats bananas regularly and I doubt the peels make up even 10% of our kitchen scraps.
Thank you,Lol I only have 2 lb of worms I got 1/2 lb from a friend 6 months ago .I removed all the worms 3 months ago and weighed them.I had 19 Oz's.Also we eat about 6 to 8 bananas a day here.We eat lots of other fruits, most of witch there's not much left except apple cores and orange peals.There's five of us so theres a lot of food that gets eaten and we all like bananas allot.I mixed some old bread with a banana peal in a blender until it was paste.I'm going to wait a few days then add it to the box with 50 worms and we shall see.




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