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I have read how to keep ants out of the bin, but how to get rid of them if they have moved in? My bin has been invaded by black ants all in one night. Any ideas on how to get them out?

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It is hard to get rid of them, I tried rice and it seems to work. My understanding is they eat the rice and it will explode inside them.
It's doubtful they established a colony in your bin. They are usually just interested in grabbing food and hauling it away. The best idea I've read about is to put the bin on a little table that has legs sitting in small containers of water topped with motor oil. Veggie oil apparently attracts other bugs that drown and become a bridge for the ants.

no andrew ants will readily build homes in the worm bins and lay eggs, it was a problem in tx because the fire ants would destroy the worm box.


the ants do not like to be disturbed repeated turning over of the contents of the bin is the only way i have ever gotten rid of them once they have colonized. when it is dry they look for moisture.

The can of water works with dish soap too.  It breaks the surface tension and they drown and sink, so no bridging.  But you do have to keep adding water, something you dont have to do too often with oil.
ants can stay underwater for 14 days without air, maybe it's the soap

The cans on the legs thing looks like it will keep them from coming in but, here in Fla the little dudes can move a whole city in a very short time. They are definitely moved in and have begun selling condos! Btw what are the jars in the pic?

I believe the photo is shot of start-up bee hives.  And if they are new bee hives the exits are blocked off to hold the bees inside the hives, getting them used to their new homes.  The jars would be full of sugar water to hold the bees over.  It looks like some of the bees have escaped on the first hive on the left.


Well looks like all those hours holding the smudge pot (and getting stung) for dad came in handy after all.

The only thing that works for me.







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