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I just harvested from my flow through bin today and noticed that the castings are hanging about 3-4" above the PVC pipe. Question: how do I get the castings to settle back down to the pipe without causing major avalanche? I had noticed during the last harvest that about 1/2 of the bin was above the pipe, now it is all above the pipe. Any suggestions from veteran flow through bin owners would be appreciated.

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"Arching" or "bridging" is fairly common on narrow flow throughs. I just bought an 18" icing spatula to run along the sides as described by Daniel - I'll let you know how it works next time. In the past, I would just break the bridge by inserting a small dull blade or trowel in the middle of the bridge area, and when you pull it a bit and take it out, a small cave-in results. Better than an avalanche and minimizes casualties.




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