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Is there anyone using mostly cardboard as a food and bedding?  How is it working.  I've been vermicomposting for over a decade and just started using black soldier fly larvae now that I'm living on a farm with chickens to feed them to.  I heard a BSFL guy say that you should give all of the food to the BSFL and feed cardboard to the worms.  I'd love any advice you could give.  I've been soaking the cardboard in a trash can for a few days until I get around to tearing it in to smaller pieces - about 5"x5". 

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In nature, the worms feed on decomposing leaves, so they could do ok on cardboard alone.

Hi Susan, long time no see.

I'm sure your BSFL leave droppings and since you're feeding only the larvae to the chickens, you could add the droppings into the worm bin. I sort of remember from long ago that worms will go through that again.

Can't imagine that CB alone will have much nutrition.

I've read quite a number of times that you can feed them on 100% cardboard.  The glue holding the 3 layers together is animal in origin, providing the N and the cardboard provides the bedding - C.  I just want to see what personal experience someone else may have had and learn what pitfalls there might be. 

Yes, it's been a VERY long time since I hung around here much.  Glad to hear from you.  In the mean time, I got married and moved to my husband's farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I have 3 worm bins now - HUGE.  One for food scraps and cardboard, one under the rabbits getting their poop and lots of shredded paper, and one much further away for 'finishing' when the others get too full.  I get impatient and need to put the half done stuff further away to let it process.  My first try and BSFL was disastrous and I'm starting over.  Until I get something going (easier said than done) the worms are getting the food scraps.  I had just as much trouble in the beginning with the worms, but I thought I'd do better this time.  I read a lot, but clearly not enough!  I know I'll succeed eventually.  Aloha.

I have stack able worm factories and when I start a new tray cardboard is 90% of the structure.

I add a little horse manure and used potting mix. I think it makes great bedding mix.

I use a combination of box cutter and paper cutter  to render it down to size. Once cut, a  24 hour

soaking is plenty, don't over do it. 

You CAN use only cardboard as food and bedding if you want.  But, there are many better options.




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