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I just got a 50 pound sack of this from my local 'feed store' for $19.50.  It seems like those folks selling small quantities on the internet are making a killing! :)

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No, it's not wood ash.  Wood ash=bad (for worm bins, at least).

In this case, ash represents the cumulative total of all the minerals found in the food. Most ash comes from the  mineral additives in a product.

The minerals contained in ash include calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and zinc, along with trace amounts of many others.

Pretty much any animal feed will have some ash listed in it's guaranteed analysis.  In the correct amount, it's beneficial.

The chicken strips have caused a lot of dog health problems and deaths. I stay away from any feed human or animal if i know it came from china. Remember the gluten problem awhile back from China, not to mention the toys and other dangerous crap they have shipped to the states? Ethics a rare word in business today.
By the way pharmicuticles are coming from there also ask your pharmicist before you let him fill your prescriptions.

My dog got real sick from eating Waggon chicken treat in about a week.  My wife looked it up.  There is actually a syndrome listed that include liver failure, diarrhea, vomitting...  The thing was when the dog got sick, she would not eat anything but she ate the treat.  So we felt bad and gave her more treats.  BAD BAD.  She got worse.  I spend past Valentines day cleaning the house of diarrhea and vomitus!  I wrote to Costco where we got the treat to pull the product from the warehouse but they would not do it.  

Thuan, I'm really sorry to hear about your dog's health issues, I've been involved with Costco in Calgary Alberta (Canada) (I'm not an employee) for several years, and I can assure that each and every complaint received regarding any of their products, especially dealing with food items are thoroughly investigated. Costco has their own state of the art lab...! All of Costco policies are formulated in Kirkland Washington...! You can be certain your complaint was checked out...!

No I'm not faulting Costco.  Costco is one the best run US company.  They replied very promptly and their reply was similar to yours about the testing.  Also interestingly, the FDA also did testing and can't find anything wrong with the treat.  I wonder if it is just a fluke how pets got hurt, ie there may be ingredients in the treat, alone they may not do harm but in some combination or in certain environment,   the ingredients react together creating something harmful to the pets. Thanks for your concern, my dog recovered well.

I recently switched from worm chow to rabbit pellets soaked at 3 to 1.This is much cheaper than the chow and still hs all the vitamins and minerals.It expands great. 2 cups turns to 8 cups.I now feed 8 indoor trays for pennies a week.I do add a spoonful of molasses to each batch.I also use it in the outside bins when garbage is short.The worms love it .I have been using this for 4months with no bad effects.Very cheap and conveinient as I also have rabbits.

Take Care,


How much does a 50 lb sack of rabbit pellets cost?

Rabbit food pellets cost me about $15 from the local feed store.These expand greatly when mixed at 3 parts water to 1 part pellets.A 50 pound bag is about 2 , 5 gallon buckets which will expand to about 8 buckets.It really reduces the cost of feeding worms and can be used indoors without attracting insects.

Have a Great Day,


to compare Purina worm chow to rabbit pellets certainly not apples to apples. Purina worm chow was developed for bulking up worms for the fishing industry without the bulk by-product of castings. if breeding worms for the fishing industry you want large worms in bedding material that is not bulky and heavy. feeding pellets is like horse manure it has a lot of roughage and produces a lot of waste which is a lot of work to deal with and get rid of. 

on the other hand if one is just interested in creating castings rabbit pellets or any bulky food/bedding is great. one other thing you may consider is that dried in pellet form is what determines the nutrients once diluted you do not have the same concentrations of nutrients and may even loose some in the hydrating process.

Hi Rich,

  I did give the purina worm chow a fair chance,trying it for 6 months with no obvious bulking of my worms.They never did really dig into the chow like they do now for the rabbit food.I have better results now with the rabbit food and I see good masses of worms eating the rabbit food which I never saw with the chow.As far as the nutrition they seem to be happy and definitly not any worse than with the chow.After 1 year of comparison I believe the rabbit food is a great cost effective alternative.

Take Care,


What is the brand name?  Is it Purina rabbit chow?

Rabbit chow would be a good alternative, although I worry about the salt.

I sell 50lb sacks of rabbit "poo" pellets for $5.  A 50lb bag of rabbit "food" pellets costs me $13.95 at Rural King.






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