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I just got a 50 pound sack of this from my local 'feed store' for $19.50.  It seems like those folks selling small quantities on the internet are making a killing! :)

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Kewl.  How much does it cost to ship a 50lb sack of rabbit 'poo' pellets to Arkansas?

We don't have a Rural King around here, but we have CO-OPs and feed stores.  What is the specific brand of the rabbit food pellets that you buy for #13.95?

Can you please tell me what you brought it

I have used egg layer crumbles. I read somewhere they help with the worm production 50 lb. bag at a farm store around 12 dollars.  My euros seem to love it

I have a feedmill near me that will custom make blends of feed as long as you order 300 lbs of it.  I get 2 parts corn meal , 1 part soy bean hulls, one 1 citrus pulp, and a ten pounds of dehydrated calf milk.  I figure its just as good a worm chow. lol 

Wow Deborah. How did you come up with that meal on the menu?

Just out of curiosity how long would 300lbs. Last you and how do you store it...?


I went to my local feed store and they never heard of this but said If I come up with a list of ingredients they'd be able to blend me something close.  

Some feed stores may not be able order it, like tractor supply in my area although they carry several Mazuri animal feed products. I have usually paid from 20-25 to get it ordered. It is well worth it. Saves a lot of labor. If you have several bins they can generate a lot of work. If you are breeding worms casting are a waste by-product of course you are raising worms for castings then chow isn't the way to go. If you are producing castings (not vermicompost) the ratio is about 10 to 1 raw materials to finished castings

Hi Rich,

Everybody, hello. What would be an ideal diet to feed the bins to maximize casting production? I am herding EF's and am looking to enrich my garden with as much as quickly as possible. What about organic?

I got a fifty pound sack of Purina yesterday. It was full of meal bugs and I think the date code on the stitching band says 2001, I'm sure the worms can compost it, I just would have liked a fresh batch for my latest experiment.

My feed store was supposed to get from the distributor last week, well I guess the order didn't make the deadline, so it was supposed to be this week. Delivery came and worm chow not on truck again. They found another store that they trade with, and they had a bag in stock. I bet it had been around for quite some time.

I will call Purina hotline on Monday and talk to them to see if it makes any difference. Possibly the aging will be beneficial. Purina has satisfaction guarantee so I am confident with my purchase.

I put the sack in a garbage bag and vacuumed for twenty minutes, attempting a natural pest control method.

Distributor said he would make good and get a fresh batch for us.




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