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I just got a 50 pound sack of this from my local 'feed store' for $19.50.  It seems like those folks selling small quantities on the internet are making a killing! :)

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nice where did you buy this from? im having a hard time fniding worm chow in my state :/

I got it from the feed store that's 2 minutes from my house.

There should be a local place near you that sells feed for horses, cattle, etc.  They can get it.

Dunno, where you live but maybe one of these places are close enough.

nice thanks for the link theirs a feed store right by my house well i think it's closed down now but i will check other feed stores if not i will try buying a small batch online. never tried using worm chow before

Jacob This website will help you find out if there are dealers close to you... Just enter your Zip code in the box at the bottom... 

thanks found a few stores in my area will try to call them and see. highly doubt they sell worm chow since it's not a big thing in my state. used to have a feed store right up the street since many people here farm chickens/birds and thats what they mainly sold besides hay and what not

If the local feed store sells purina products, they can order 1 sack the for the next time they get a truck in from Purina.  All they have to do is order it.  Should take 2 weeks to get it in. [maybe longer in HI]

you have to figure their time and misc expenses, it really adds up especially if they include shipping. if it were such a great money maker there would be on the web tons of folks selling it from their Porshe's.  Purina Worm Chow millionaires! lol

i have read a lot of food formulas on the web. folks think they can match Purina Worm Chow, they can't unless they have all of the necessary equipment including a lab to constantly analyse every batch . Purina covers the basis, it really works. it works without the bugs, worm bin slop, string of pearls problem. the worms gobble it up even after it becomes moldy.

it doesn't have a long shelf life, so if you can't use 50 lbs you will be feeding rats, cockroaches, and mice and throwing most of it away.

the only thing i know better is green manures and they are labor intensive.

Fortunately, I have no rats, mice or cockroaches.   I don't think I would ever throw it away, what's it going to do, get stale or rotten so the worms won't eat it?  ;)

The nutritional value is based on fresh. Hopefully it wouldn't harm the worms, don't know, never had that problem. It does absord moisture in the air and molds, not to mention stink. Once open i keep in in 5-gal buckets with lids.

Hi all; Keep it in a metal galvanized garbage can with lid on and it keeps a long time.



Would it be fiesable to freeze it or would that hurt the product?

I noticed that the ingredients list has 8% Ash on it.  Just wondering if that means wood ash?  Based on other discussions I have seen I didn't expect to see that in Worm Chow.




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