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How to set up a "worm sharing" community?

Sometimes I give worms away to interested friends and then tell them they need to do the same someday to spread them around. However, there are only a few people I know who are actually interested in receiving worms. How do I reach the neighbors who I don't personally know, but who want worms? More importantly, how do I get other people who have them to share them with their neighbors who want them? Does anyone know of a way to do this type of thing in association with the vermicomposting map? Perhaps all new recipients of worms will be required to join this group and post themselves to the map...

Your ideas and suggestions would be welcome!

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How about an ad in a local craigslist? I think it was redhen that went to the NC state fair a while ago and had bins and demonstrations. I'll post a link to the thread if I come across it again.
Hmm.. that was one goals of the map... an experiment to try to connect people locally so that people could find people to help them get started.... find worms and give worms away if they had extra... and castings too. Do you think that would be helpful?

The "Contact this person" link was added to help people connect but maybe adding an extra field so people could indicate "extra worms" or "worms wanted" or "would love to offer help to newbies" and search for that too?

Let me know any ideas / changes you have.
A "Worms wanted" field on the map seems like a great way to indicate to folks that it could also be used as a tool for newbies who don't have worms yet. And "Extra worms" makes sense too. If you can do that, then next time someone asks me where to get worms, I can tell them they should post themselves on the map and find worms locally.

Now I've got to figure out how to get more of the worm people I know in my town to put themselves on the map too. Columbus Ohio is looking a bit thin with just 2 of us! I'll work on that...
Just thinking some more about "extra worms" vs "worms wanted" vs doing both.

Seems like adding a "worms wanted" field would work better if people who have worms already were checking back on the map frequently for it.. but I wonder if there would ever been enough "worm wanted" postings in there to make it worth while for people with surplus worms to do so. I'd be worried that someone would post "worms wanted" but never get a response because there aren't enough people in their area who happen to be checking back on the map enough.

On the other hand "extra worms" field (and perhaps also a "willing to help" newbies field) might work better since then any newbie visiting the site would be able to see all the people with "extra worms" and "willing to help" fields and contact one relatively close to them on the map. Eventually people would just know that if I'm new and I want to find worms / help near me I can go to to look someone up.

Hmm.. someone asked me to add businesses to the directory at one point as well... maybe a "worms for sale" field would be good too?

Then a newbie could ask the question.. who is "willing to help" me? and filter the map by that field.... and then who has "worms for sale" or "extra worms" and filter the map by those fields and get answers to their questions displayed on the map so they can see who is closest to them.

Just thinking out loud.. thoughts?
Yes, that makes sense to me to have a "willing to help newbies" field and have the worm seekers actively search that on the map. And I'd also love to see the businesses selling worms on the map.

Here in Columbus Ohio we have a worm research lab at Ohio State University. I'd love to see that kind of thing on the map, too. I just emailed them about it.

I'm excited about the potential for local worm sharing!
Alrighty, I just updated the map to give it a try.

Now when you update your record (or create a new one) you should see 3 new checkboxes one for each "will help", "extra worms" and "worms for sale" and when you view your map entry it will display text for those there in red.

And to highlight these people and make them easier to all the push pins are blue... unless you select "willhelp", "extraworms" or "wormsforsale" whereby your push pin is red.

Anyone who's interested in sharing can now update the map and let everyone know!.. we'll see how this goes.

(zoom into Oakland, CA if you want to see an example of what it looks like.. i updated mine)

Yay - it I can see it on your map location. I tried to update my own profile too but I could not see those new fields yet. Maybe I just missed them because I'm super hungry and not able to pay attention... Off to eat some lunch.

Oh the fields show up after you click on the verify email... near the end of the process.. would that be why you didn't see them yet?
Now I'm thinking more clearly and I have it figured out. I needed to "reactivate" my map posting once I got the email and the new fields are in there.

I'm not sure if it is possible, but it would be neat to be able to update my profile directly, while looking at the profile instead of the empty fields. It made me worry that I was making a whole new one, rather than editing the existing.

Anyway, I'm happy to see that the "Wormshare" concept can work directly now within the map. Thanks Steven!

I started my first worm bin last year with shared worms from Amy, thanks Amy you are awesome! Worm People unite!
Maybe if some one posted a extra worms, it should be set to send an email if some one replied.
Do you think the "Contact this person" link is enough? It sends an email to that person when clicked.




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