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After reading Ronaldo's blog where he mentions the use of pulverized cardboard as bedding material (, I started researching and found a paper recycling plant nearby that could have some for me.
Unfortunately, they claim that their product would not only contain unusable fibers, but ash as well.
Does anyone see a reason why I would not be able to use this product?

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hey dude..I dont know the answer to your query but I'll bet if you would private message Ronaldo he could help you with your question. Just thought since your not getting replies this might help. steve
You could probably sift it in a bin w/ holes drilled in the bottom, or a vc screen and let the ash fall on tree beds. I know that firepit ash is beneficial to trees, we shovel out the pit at our cabin and place it at the bottoms of trees.
Yeah, probably no one knows the answer so I will probably do what you suggested Bing and start an experimental bin... Unfortunatelly the answer will be clear only in a few months.
Thanks everyone for trying...




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