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Hey, how do I get started composting with worms? Where should I place my worms outside, can they take the summer heat?

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Thanks, we have tons of shade in the backyard so I think I'll try it there!

The picture is Sedona at sunset.

Thanks again
I forgot to add, from my sisters patio.
I ordered Worms Eat My Garbage last night! Thanks for the suggestions. I'm pretty excited about this new hobby! It will be fun to see how much I can not toss out in the garbage. I remember as a kid my next door neighbor was always burying her eggshells in her garden. I never quite knew why. I'll have to write her a note about my experiences with my worms.
Bently also has a couple of you tube videos that helped me.
The video on make your own compost bin was the one I used to make my bin. I also ordered my lb of worms from his sight. I asked to hold off shipping so my bin can do what ever its supposed to do. Can't wait. This will be nice to be able to post how the guys/girls are doing.
Hi Nancy what critters will I have if my worm bin is inside. Anything but mice and rats I can deal with.
Welcome to the forum, Paula. If you scroll up to the original post here, you'll see that this discussion was started over 2 yrs. ago. Some of the folks are no longer actively participating on the forum, so you may not hear back from them.

If you want to post about your new bin, you have an option of either starting a Discussion (see the Forum tab at the top) or a Blog (see the Blogs tab). That will make it easy for you to check back and see if anyone has commented or replied to your post.

RE: critters...check out the "Worm Bin Critters" section. (click on the highlighted section and it will take you to another page). You might also want to take a glance at the Terminology/Vocab. section. The very first link downloads a great pdf.

If you have space, there's no reason not to have your worm bin indoors. Laundry room, guest bedroom etc. I have a 20th floor studio apt, so no outdoor space options, but I keep mine under my bed. Honest, honest -- they don't smell unless you make a rookie mistake. (I think everyone makes at least one in the beginning.) If you get your nose right up to the rotting food with worms in it, it smells like a nice forest soil. If you're more than 6 inches away, you can't smell anything. I know some people have lost their worms to the heat. At least for the beginning, I'd suggest going for inside until you're more comfortable with what you're doing (and the weather has cooled off).

My bin is half the height of the standard rubbermaid, bought at the nearest home improvement store. That's how I fit it under my bed.

When you go to, you'll find a tab towards the top that says 'getting started.' Good luck! It can get a little addicting.
Lol, I can just see me telling my oldest that there are worms under his bed when he comes back from California!
I was affraid to clean my sons room out when he moved. Heck he had a compost pile under his bed with out even trying. Ok not really but it was a mess.
lol, phew... am I ever glad I'm not the only one with my worms under the bed!
I'd totally planned on having them under the kitchen sink- but just never got around to cleaning that space out... (ummm, again, you may all note that I am pretty lazy)
Since I started up my mini bin experiments, I've just been stacking them at the foot/beside the bed. I don't have drainage holes so there's no mess to worry about- I just watch the moisture in the bins and add more bedding when things are getting sloppy.
I've got a standard rubbermaid bin- but I've also quite a tall bed.
one of the roommates is moving out next month... the worms will be taking over her old room when she goes.
I started a few weeks ago. I have a small problem. I have my bin down in my basement/garage. It gets hot down there and the I gets flies. I read about having bins indoors, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom. How do I keep nats out if I have rotten food in the house?




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