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How do you distiguish the pot worms from the baby red worms?
I have A LOT of small, thin, white-ish worms on my new bin. I am not sure if I am getting desired babies or something else.
Also, how do the Red worm eggs look like?
Pictures can help a lot.

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Here are some pictures that might help is this what your white-ish worms look like? clear little worms and red worm cocoons.
It seems like my white-ish worms are skinnier and longer. Also, how big are the cocoons? I don't think I have seen one of those in my bin. I'll try to take pictures of my worms for "public review."
In my bin I can tell the potworms from the young redworms in 2 ways. the redworms will color up pretty fast after eating their first meals. Another way is look very carefully (even under a magnifier) at the worm. If the tiny worm has a clittelum it is a pot worm..the redworm does not develop this sexual characteristic until a much larger size whereas the potworm will have it at a very small size (because it is sexually mature) Give it a little time and patience and you will see the differences. As to the cocoons..I never really saw the cocoons for a potworm but I would think they would be very, very small.




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